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Welcome to My Heartsong!

My Heartsong came out of a desire to be true to myself and sing the song of my heart,to take the time to do the things that I love to do because I came to believe that to follow this call is to do the will of the Creator and it gives me great pleasure.(when one receives a gift,one must open it). An activity that feeds my soul is photography. I share with you my photos and a little bit about them. Enjoy!
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A New Bird-Boreal Chickadee

This is the first photo that I have taken of this species, a Boreal Chickadee,  quite pleased to find it.Not the best photos but I am happy to have a record of the sighting. They are not too common here in the city.

IMG_1092 IMG_1096 IMG_1097

Off Leash

I enjoy walking the dogs that I am caring for, it is good for all of us as we get outdoors in the fresh air, and at minus 16 celsius believe me, it is fresh! I try to get ahead of them while they are sniffing around, then snap some shots as they run to catch up. It is difficult to get low with my stiff knees but it is fun to try. I also shoot as they run ahead of me, then they stop and wait for me to catch up.

IMG_1041 IMG_1046 IMG_1076

Watering the Orchids

When I water the orchids I bring all the plants into the sink where they are sprayed with tap water , then water from a jar that has fertilizer mixed into it. I liked the effect of the water drops on the plant so took one and placed it in front of a leafy green plant. This is the result.

IMG_1023 IMG_1028 IMG_1022

Lots of Buds

I keep trying shots of the orchids, because there are so many buds, and/or new blooms. These were shot in the evening in the window with a tungsten light and natural light. Should get lots of opportunities to practice.I used my 70-300 mm zoom lens with a narrow depth of field, probably f 4.5 or f 5.6.


Ann’s Orchid

This is for Ann, who looks in on my blog. I took a photo of her orchid, which is coming into bloom. At least I think this is hers, will include more than one, just in case. Ha Ha!


IMG_0913 IMG_0922



I haven’t been out much, would get back to work,the cough would come back, I would go home exhausted and in no time  be under the blankets again, obviously with a fever and no energy, coughing.

After resting a few days, I am back to longer walks with the dogs, exploring. All of us love it. We have had some sunny warm days and melting snow that makes the paths slippery so I am happy that I got my cleats on.This day was heavily overcast I adjusted the exposure about two-thirds higher in aperture priority mode, then in post-processing lowered the highlights and lightened the shadows, all to get more detail..I will be returning to work tomorrow.

IMG_0967 IMG_0969

A Nice Winter Vista

I like simple scenes that show the crispness of white snow and frost, preferring the cooler temperatures slightly below zero rather than the warmth with its slush and brown. The freezing cold temperature has its beauty too, with hoar frost, although I just can’t tolerate it for long. This shot was pleasing to me because of the frosted tips of the evergreens and the lines in the conifer in the late afternoon. It is a little static but I like the calm after so many windy days..

winter, parks,birds 080

Growth in a Few Days

I have taken photos of this beautiful Amaryllis for two days now since I am house and dog-sitting. Not getting too far since having some setback with the breathing problems but went to the doctor and taking medicine, drinking lots of fluids and resting.

It is amazing how fast these flowers grow, will post more of these as well as my adventures with the dogs and the beautiful environment in the city parks.

This is one stem…on the 11th and the 14th…

winter, parks,birds 127


And this is the other stem, on the 11th and the 14th

winter, parks,birds 125


Getting Outdoors

When a person has been sick in bed, it is so nice to get outdoors again and take photos.Not many birds and it was cold out,minus twenty, but here are some images of the environment, the Black-capped Chickadee and a Downy Woodpecker.

winter, parks,birds 221

winter, parks,birds 013

winter, parks,birds 162

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone! I have been outside only two times in the last 3 weeks other than work because the flu laid me so low. I am back at work but usually just hit the couch when I get home. Today was my day off and I went to the park where I briefly watched some chickadees and talked to other birders.

It is cold out, minus 30 and the birds are feeding and all puffed up.I enjoyed being outdoors and saying hi to people and having dinner with a friend but have used up all my energy and since I work tomorrow, going to sleep early so I can rest and wake up refreshed. It was good to get outside and see my chickadee friends.Here is my shot for the day. pictures 032-2


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