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Welcome to My Heartsong!

My Heartsong came out of a desire to be true to myself and sing the song of my heart,to take the time to do the things that I love to do because I came to believe that to follow this call is to do the will of the Creator and it gives me great pleasure.(when one receives a gift,one must open it). An activity that feeds my soul is photography. I share with you my photos and a little bit about them. Enjoy!
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Out Celebrating

The weather is “iffy” today but just will take a raincoat to celebrate “Canada Day” the 148th birthday of our country. There is entertainment at the legislature grounds and city hall to mention just two of many places.

pictures 066-2

“Asani” singers and drummers

Then the fireworks tonight and a musical visual show of the lights on the High Level Bridge with “Oh Canada” sung by Asani, a native and Metis group of women that sing in English , French and Cree. Asani is a Cree word for “rock.” You can listen to them on You tube singing “Oh Canada.” Beautiful! Looking forward to that!

pictures 111-2

Evening Visit to the National Park

Not coping with the heat too well, it was a great choice to visit Elk Island National Park in the evening. We arrived at a hiking tail in the dusk armed with water and Au de Doctor Doom and Deep Woods Off. We could hear the mosquitos around our ears and the coyotes in the hills. On this trail is a boardwalk where we could walk across a swampy area and the light and reflections were amazing. A beaver swam back and forth creating an impressive abstract of reflected ripples. It was a typical June day, with lush greens and golds which were a feast for the eyes. Enjoy.

nature 018-2

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The Oohs and Ah-hhhs of Sunset

There was a bright shining red ball lowering in the sky as my friend and I raced for the beach at Astotin Lake. People were in the way so I used them as impromptu models because the sun was sinking fast and I didn’t want to miss it.Yes, their heads are merged with the background islands but I felt there was so little precious time. We stuck around after the sun set to see the more sublte colours in the surrounding sky.

nature 118-2

nature 119-2 nature 122-2 nature 138-2 nature 144-2 nature 146-2

nature 150-3

Gone Fishing

It is a delight to watch the white pelicans fishing, at first calm and upright, sometimes a slight lean forward, then leap forward and down into the water at what they see. My friend Diane and I had the good fortune to see not just one, but four pelicans today at a man-made lake in northeast Edmonton. Great fun!

nature 037-2 nature 038-2 nature 039-2 nature 042-2 nature 043-2

nature 044-2

White Tail Deer

I saw a lot of deer on my trip in May-it has been that long already? So here is a sampling of what I saw. There is still a lot of the winter hair evident, especially along the neck.The coat underneath will be much redder.

pictures 038-3

pictures 037-3

pictures 285-2

A parting shot. I did not realize that there were deer here until I pulled off the road.It is evident how they got their name.

pictures 284-2

We Will Remember You, Constable Daniel Woodall

This was a sad day.Today was the funeral and procession for Const Daniel Woodall who was killed in the line of duty on  Monday, June 8th. He and his partner Srgt Jason Harley were  shot down by a man while attempting to arrest him.Srgt Harley survived but Const Woodall succumbed to his wounds.Many police officers came from all over this continent as well as overseas. Thousands of blue ribbons and  Edmontonians lined the streets to pay tribute. Although I missed the front of the procession I caught a lot of it.

Today there was a march and bands played. As well, the parade of officers came to a standstill a number of times and the streets were silent.

It is hard to describe the fellings that arose in me…thoughts of Claire Woodall, their young children Gabe and Kalen, and Daniel’s parents David and Denice. This is when the grief gets tough, when everyone else gets back to their lives after the ceremony and you are left with a big void within. So my thoughts are with the family. Although I took photos I also stopped to be still and reflect, to be grateful for the service that these men and women give of themselves, to pray for their safety and healing. I don’t know these people but I felt like I got to know them as I heard the eulogies given by the chief of police and friends at the funeral service that was streamed on-line and at big screens in the city square.

woodall 002-2

woodall 020-2

woodall 018-2

A sight that I saw that filled me with awe and touched my heart, was at the intersection before the Shaw Conference centre. Two fire trucks had ladders extended over the street  in an arc and from one hung a huge Canadian flag and from the other hung a huge British flag. Costable Woodall has lived here for a number of years but he started his service with the police in Manchester England. That display was beautiful and a class act from Edmonton firefighters.

woodall 032-2

I listened a while to the funeral service before going to work. Ironically, on the way home tonight, I saw flashing lights at an intersection and two officers were directing traffic. I saw a car and on the other side of the car was a bicycle lying on the road. My heart sank. As well as with the Woodall family, my prayers are with the members of the Edmonton Police Service and first responders. Thank you.

Birding at a Lake in the City

I like going to this lake in the city because there are Red-necked Grebes here, but today there were a few surprises. The lake has a walkway around it and houses surround this, with a lot of the people putting up birdhouses and feeders in their yards which makes this a bird-friendly zone. It was a lovely day sunny and cloudy, but quite the glare off the water.

Another photographer and birder alerted me to this fledged magpie which is the first that I have seen. I think the term begins with “L”.

pictures 011-2

I decided to walk around this small lake and saw many sights and many feathered families.

pictures 190-2

pictures 017-2

Saw some brief displays, with the pair calling loudly , coming together and stretching their necks up with crests raised then swimming away.

pictures 173-2

At one curve in the lake a pelican circled and landed. No time to check my settings, i tried panning as it landed.

pictures 084

pictures 085-2

pictures 086-2

pictures 086-2

pictures 087

it happened too quick , there was nothing I could do about the sign but keep following.

pictures 088-2

pictures 089-2

Happy about that, a short way further along the path I saw a large bird coming into view. Not id-ing it  yet, I tried to focus on it.

pictures 119-2

A great Blue heron! What a treat! It landed near the pelican and stayed to fish.

pictures 128-2

The damsel flies were prolific so got my first shot of the season.

pictures 141-2

She is a beautiful blue. Speaking of blue, there were many blue ribbons on posts  all around the lake , paying tribute to fallen officer Const Daniel Woodall. His funeral is tomorrow, so I will be present at the procession.

pictures 136

Just Say Aw-w-w…

Mallard Ducklings. Aren’t they sweet?pictures 045 pictures 047 pictures 023-2 pictures 025-2 pictures 033 pictures 034

Colour the Bridge Blue

I went to Ezio Faraone park tonight.This park is named after a slain police officer who died 25 years ago this month.My purpose was to take photos of the statue dedicated in his memory and to see the High level bridge lit in blue lights to honour Edmonton Police Service and Constable Daniel Woodall who was killed in duty here in Edmonton this past Monday night, June 8th. Another officer, Sgt. Jason Harley, was wounded but is in recovery. I saw blue ribbns tied around lamp posts and flowers were left at the statue. This is my way of expressing support and condolences to the Edmonton Police Service and the Woodall family.

pictures 001-2 pictures 006-2

pictures 027-2

Taking a Look at the Little Ones

I haven’t been to my usual visiting spot at a local urban park for some time, since going to the mountains 2 weeks ago and visiting a friend south of here last week, so decided to check-in and see the ducklings and goslings. it is all cuteness but I wish the people would take their bread elsewhere and watch our feathered friends act a little more naturally. When I passed some parents with their two boys who were chasing the geese, I said to the former, with a big smile onmy face, “Isn’t it great? This is a perfect opportunity to teach your children about respecting nature!”

I could see them looking at each other in a quizzical way; I kept on walking in the opposite direction and continued to enjoy the water babies.

This must be the pond version of a daycare centre.pictures 118

These ones always amaze me, out of the nest and into the water the first day, like all the ducks and geese.pictures 126-2

I was too late for newborns but they are still cute and sure to be more to come.pictures 127-2

Quick Dive!

pictures 110-2

The fourth was always further away, off on an adventure with Mom keeping a close eye on them.pictures 114-2


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