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Welcome to My Heartsong!

My Heartsong came out of a desire to be true to myself and sing the song of my heart,to take the time to do the things that I love to do because I came to believe that to follow this call is to do the will of the Creator and it gives me great pleasure.(when one receives a gift,one must open it). An activity that feeds my soul is photography. I share with you my photos and a little bit about them. Enjoy!
  • Spring Equinox Aurora - © Christopher Martin-2319
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The Northern Lights over Southern Alberta

My Heartsong:

These are amazing captures!

Originally posted on Christopher Martin Photography:

Spring Equinox Aurora - © Christopher Martin-2319
The Aurora Borealis has been very strong for a few nights in a row, reaching southern Alberta regularly which comes after what has seemed like a very long absence.  Perhaps it has just been me that was absent for shows since last year but being out for this one on the night of March 18-19.  When I went out at 11pm, there was a dull green bow low in the sky towards Calgary.  After a while, the arch began to glow brighter and stretch higher.  Columns then started to separate from the green band and the arch itself dissolved.  For the next couple of hours the lights shifted their shapes, colors and intensity.

Spring Equinox Aurora - © Christopher Martin-2522

Spring Equinox Aurora - © Christopher Martin-2382-2


Spring Equinox Aurora - © Christopher Martin-2572

I was out on the berm that sits between Redwood Meadows and the Elbow River.  The height of the berm, the rocky shoreline and the snow remnants allowed for a variety of perspectives.  The three and…

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Intimate Looks at Branches

I happened to be walking by a tree, a blue spruce, and the way the light was shing through the branches made me pause and stay a while.

pictures 123-2 pictures 078-2 pictures 073-2 pictures 071-2 pictures 141-2

Views of Spring

The weather changes a lot all the time here in Alberta but in spring the changes from cold to warm, warm to cold ,make for interesting photo opportunities. This is what I saw on my walk the other day, mostly a larger view. Next post will feature more intimate views.

pictures 013-2 pictures 024-2 pictures 081-2 pictures 083-2 pictures 087-2 pictures 104-2 pictures 106-2 pictures 113-2

That’s Got to be Cold

We had two little snow falls lately and i was wondering how the geese were faring. I admit I felt sorry for them as they walked on top of the puddle then broke through, half walking, half swimming.When they came out of the water, there was ice on their bills and feet. I am sure the feathers will keep them warm but the feet? Oh, that must be cold!

pictures 043-2

pictures 029-2

pictures 033-2

pictures 032-2pictures 038-2

Happy spring!

Last night while out walking, I saw two hares, almost pure white, but with brown patches, nibbling on the new sprouts of grass, aware of me but too engrossed with their meal to make a run for it.

And today, as usual, we had snow for the first day of spring which arrived here sometime after 4:oo p.m. I believe it will turn green once again – Happy Spring!

pictures 002-2pictures 001


The ice at the edges of the road looked crisp. I watched, fascinated , as a large bubble of water would drift downward with the flow of gravity,  stop for a moment, then break through a narrow passage in the ice forming shapes of various sizes.

pictures 125-2 pictures 112-2 pictures 115-2 pictures 123-2

Touches of Spring- a Little Teaser

Some things that I have looked at in my journeys during the last  week when I am not focused on birds. Although this is March, when we could get big dumps of snow, there has also been signs of spring weather with high temperatures in the teens , the arrival of flocks of geese, melting snow and big puddles.

My Header and profile picture are those of the colder months but for now I am leaving them “as is” because it could go that way again before the real spring arrives. There is a sign outside of a local business, “Think Spring. Think Harder.” I get it.

pictures 004-2

pictures 079-2 pictures 022-2

They are Back!

I was out and about doing errands and took off to a nearby park since it was close to the mall where I had been shopping. Enough errands, it was a gorgeous day outside and the temperature was in the teens. My rubber boots were not in the car which prohibited me from going closer to the water.  A man with a camera passed me and asked what I ‘d seen. I replied ” just  Chickadees and Blue Jays”. He told me he’d seen about 60 Canada Geese in Hawrelak Park. Off I went.

They congregate in these large puddles where the snow has melted and there was a Pair of Mallards there which is exciting when it is the first sighting this year. I arrived in time to see a male fly in from the area of the pond which happens to be iced over, and a vicious fight ensued. When all was calm everyone went back to their eating and I sat down, watched and took photos.Now that’s a good day. I will show you what other species I saw in the next posts.

pictures 027-2 pictures 039 pictures 070-2.pictures 077-2

Walking the Dogs

No this post is not about the dogs, but show some of the captures of images that I took while walking them when I was dog -sitting. My camera was not with me all the time because I promised  them that they would be my main concern. I miss the regular exercise and routine, even the morning licks on the face as they encouraged me to get out of bed.(blehk…)

The sights that greeted us were many, from hoar-frosted trees to to sun-lit woodlots and heavy sleet/snow. These images show some intimate areas of the off-leash dog park.winter, parks,birds 107 IMG_0823
IMG_1078 IMG_1039 IMG_1053 IMG_1056 IMG_1059 IMG_1073


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