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Seasonal Lights

©Jane Chesebrough

It is so exciting to see the beginning of the seasonal lights in the city. I took shots of the downtown area from Telus field and the Mutart Conservatory.  It was interesting to me to see the clouds in the photos , something that I didn’t see when I was taking the photo. I used live view and was experimenting with  manual, auto focus , aperture priority and shutter priority. Some were a disaster. All part of the learning process and grateful that this is digital and not film or I could never afford it.

I went to the Muttart Conservatory to catch the lights on the pyramids. Amazing how focus changes and colour, too, with the change of focal point.Aperture priority  f11 at 10 seconds, focal length 18 mm

©Jane Chesebrough

©Jane Chesebrough

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