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Enjoying the Lights


©Jane Chesebrough

Used shutter priority mode with 1/25 second at aperture of 3.5 The ISO was high at 800.18 mm

I would love to hear others opinions on the best way to take a photo of the Christmas lights with a DSLR. I am sure that it may be personal preference though I have heard the opinion that the best time is around sunset. I am happy with this one because it is in focus, and the colour is true, the way that I remember seeing it. I used a tripod, although a flimsy one.

I really had trouble with fog-up of both my LCD and my glasses, sometimes could not see the image at all-was surprised that the photos came out. I will take a plastic bag with me next time-the idea is to put the camera in the bag before going back indoors to avoid condensation. But mine was fogging up outside, probably because I kept breathing on it. Ha Ha….It was minus 15 celsius.

I am registered in a Continuing Education Photography course in January-looking forward to that! I know it will help me get more range out of my camera and help with catching the light in a variety of ways. In the mean time I will practice from the instruction manual and explore the different settings.

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  1. Hello.

    Thank You visiting my blog and leaving there Your nice comment.

    I cannot give any advice to take best photos from Christmas lights. I agree that sunset time. I have one photo from our house’s backyard at sunset time in winter. It can be seen in my About page. It has lovely colors although my camera at that time was my pocket camera.

    About courses. I think that courses are useful. I was here on a camera course when I started my digital photographing in 2005. I also read once a year the User Guide of my camera. I still found it useful after taking about 38000 photos.

    I love Your photo, lovely colors. Is it Your house?

    Happy shooting!

    December 13, 2010 at 2:46 am

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