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A Good Day for a Ski


©Jane Chesebrough

A little bit of a nip in the air, but goodness why haven’t I been out for a cross-country ski with all the snow we have now? I confess that I  got into that negative thinking of  being out of shape and feeling out of shape which led to laziness and apathy about working toward a solution. Knowing that the solution is to get out there and get active and  I will  feel better, I pushed myself a little to get the skis out and get back on the road to fitness. Just getting started in that direction got  the ball rolling…I instantly felt better and felt more inspired to be more active…it’s all good! There was no worry about overdoing it because I took my camera and stopped frequently to take a few photos as the sun was going down. Dare I say it? I may leave the camera behind next time so I can focus strictly on the skiing. . .

f-stop 5.6 shutter 1/100 using aperture priority


One response

  1. I think, that I cannot confess that I have not been skiing for few years, although I have good ski tracks very near my house.

    I love the photo, because it is showing so well the snowy landscape with ski track. Also the angle is great. Do not leave Your camera home, but take photos which have value when years are passing.

    December 27, 2010 at 11:56 pm

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