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Happy and Prosperous New Year!

©Jane Chesebrough

Because I was working throughout the holidays I decided rather late in the year to go to the New Year’s Eve  celebrations in downtown Edmonton. Enjoyed the indoor entertainment at CBC radio and at city hall. The last hour outdoors was minus sixteen celsius but felt warmer with the crowd of thousands; the music from Soulijah Fyah  helped us stay warm, too. Sometimes having a conversation with a friend while you are both taking photos is almost impossible. Every time I turned to say something to my friend she was clicking away at something and I am sure I did that to her too. But glad I had the camera for the crowd shots and fireworks. For the latter I just set my camera to night scene mode and fired away, sometimes had to wait for the the camera to catch up before I could shoot-annoying being in a crowd and people are pushing you to get by when you are trying to line up a shot-being short has it’s disadvantages at times as well. Ha Ha got a few “head shots” when I was taking photos of the fireworks.Helps to be patient and not take myself too seriously.

I do wish all a happy, prosperous New Year of good will and the heart to follow your dreams.

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