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Working in Manual Mode

Jane Chesebrough

                                                                       ©Jane Chesebrough

I am taking an introductory course on Digital SLR Photography. Using auto focus except when conditions require that I use manual focus. I am really enjoying this. I definitely do not have a mathematical thinking mind for calculating ,stops, especially in thirds, but I am “getting it’ a bit at a time. We have been using working exposure and going to proper exposure. My brain was on overload. All I can say is, thank God for histograms.And appreciate reviewing what the latter means. I kept forgetting which side was light and which was dark. I figured out a way to remember: left/ dark and right/ light. Same number of letters.Sounds simple but when you are a beginner and still new to the language of photography and still interpreting as you go…wow, it is overwhelming!Did I say I am loving the process?! And we never stop learning!


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