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View from the Queen

©Jane Chesebrough

I had booked a trip for two on the Edmonton Queen compliments of a neighbour and the day I was scheduled to sail, the company called to postpone and asked if it was okay to rebook for the next day. It was a blustery day  with cloud and cold and I hoped it couldn’t be any worse the next day-you never know what is going to happen at this time of year-wouldn’t surprise me to see snow.

 What luck! The day we sailed turned out to be absolutely gorgeous, with sun and very warm temperatures-a perfect day! Everyone on the cruise was in high spirits, taking turns to take photos of each other and the river scenery. I had invited a friend who also likes photography and we merrily clicked away to our heart’s content. I appreciated the captain’s skill at knowing the character of the river and making the trip as enjoyable as possible despite not being able to travel too far due to low water levels. The staff were all friendly and so were the passengers- it was a joyful atmosphere probably helped by the warmth and sunshine. It was great to see the city and the fall colours from this perspective.


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