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The Cheapest Way to Decorate

I was inspired to write this blog two days ago when I walked to the store on a spring-like day to get some exercise, buy an item and then do some  “window-shopping.” There is a stationary store at a mall a few blocks away as well as a drug store, both good places to browse for things that  I need, things I would like to have and things that I don’t need but want to have anyway. I bought a box of tissue at the stationery store because I finished one and saw a box with a design that would go  nicely in my bedroom.

Next was the drug store which has everything and  spent time at the tea shelves where I picked up the boxes and sniffed the fruity  and seasonal spicy boxes that come out this time of year. I  bravely avoided the rows of boxes of chocolates and headed for the aisle that has tissues. I just LOVE this spot. I never just buy a box of Kleenex or Scotties or name brand. No, I have to inspect the designs and admire the art work,then choose carefully which one I will buy. I don’t hoard, unless buying one for each room is hoarding, but buy as I need them. A lot of money goes into advertising and designing  products just so people will be enticed. The psychology of colour goes a long way to luring customers to buy. People like me.

When the companies go through a period of putting out designs that I don’t like, I try to wait for the next batch .  When I go shopping for tissue I have a discerning eye for price and what will suit the different rooms of my home. I like to just hang out and spend time looking at the brands and the pretty pictures. I find this relaxing. I know I am being manipulated and I don’t care. It was during the trip  home when I started laughing out loud because I thought this would be a great idea for a blog.

If I haven’t totally lost you by now I am going to share photos that I took of my Kleenex and Scotties and Staples boxes. I obviously developed an intimate relationship to these items when I was in the worse throws of pneumonia. I feel so much better but making myself relax while I am  recuperating and have obviously become a little  stir-crazy. When I can’t afford to redecorate a room I can always brighten it up by placing a beautifully – decorated box in a strategic spot.

©Jane Chesebrough

The Living Room where I may be moved to tears by a good book and there are wood and rocks and things from nature.

©Jane Chesebrough

The Bedroom box that was an impulse buy for the car and matches the ceramic candles.

©Jane Chesebrough

The Bedroom box with the blue waterdrop –  my newest purchase from the stationery store.

©Jane Chesebrough

The Bathroom box with blues and greens that pick up the colour of the towels and the shower curtains.

And yes, though this business of matching boxes to room decor is very important, (tongue-in-cheek) if I was a proud American I  would be like many of you and definitely would have taken the time to practice my right to vote! And I am thinking of my neighbours whose homes have been devastated and some are without power. Hold on in faith and may all lend a helping hand and may your needs be met .

I mentioned at the beginning of this blog that when I walked to the store 2 days ago it was spring-like. No more. We got a big dump today and it took me an hour to clean the heavy wet snow off my car – an accumulation of about eight inches. God-willing I should be up early tomorrow to dig myself out again and get to an early appointment. Then I will joyfully take some shots of snow scenes that  I can share with you.  🙂











2 responses

  1. You are so delightful!

    November 7, 2012 at 8:25 pm

  2. Maxine Lozinski

    I now have a whole new outlook towards tissue boxes.

    November 7, 2012 at 9:33 pm

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