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Everyone is Talking About Spring

As I write this, I hear the snow blower outside my window and I see a fresh blanket of  beautiful white so I will hold off on celebrating spring but hope for the day when it does arrive. I feel excited to read posts by my southern neighbours who are spotting new birds or even a flash of green and I tell myself to be patient.

We have a bit of snow from the last two days when at first I holed up in my home, not wanting to go out. Then I took some photos of my car with the flakes draped over my car in an artistic way, created by the wind. I shovelled a lot to make more space for my car and the one beside me. What the heck I actually enjoyed the exercise.That is good because there is more shovelling to be done, it is still snowing.



Get out the Shovel

After digging around the car, I drove to Hawrelak  Park where I do a lot of birding. I spotted a brown creeper and took some shots and found the chickadees puffed up to keep warm. I even took some extra seed with me because they need to feed constantly to keep warm.

Brown Creeper


This one seems to be a regular at this spot.  I had a slow shutter speed and it isn’t as sharp as I would like.

Puffed up Against the Cold


But there is a bit o’ green in the midst of all this – Happy  St Patrick’s Day! Wish you all well.

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