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Common Goldeneye Ducks

I find the Common Goldeneye Ducks a never-ending source of entertainment. A pair is featured on my header. The male is more colourful with a greenish head and white and black body. The female has a brown head. They are a monogamous duck. They are small and provide the most comical viewing of all the ducks that I see here. They have their legs more toward the back of their bodies because they are diving ducks but on ground they waddle. When people feed them and they shouldn’t,  the ducks become very bold and look you in the eye as if to say, “Well, what have you got for me?” Otherwise they eat crustaceans and water life as well as plants.

They are very aggressive in the water, chasing away any others that get close and will dive and come underneath another duck or goose and bite them.

The ducklings stay in the nest for up to two days then are out on the water. They bob like little corks. Some overwinter here in warm ravines where there is open water all year but most migrate to the United States.They are plentiful here.

Here is the male, bending his head back in his courtship ritual. This particular one is so athletic that he creates a big splash as he bends backwards.

ImageHere is a female, just swimming here but totally entertaining in her behaviour.


Here is a mother, with one of her babies, just a few days old.


Here is a close-up of a duckling, a little older.







2 responses

  1. My favorite photo was that little, fluffy baby, but I have to admit that the green head and golden eye of the male is quite striking.

    May 13, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    • my friend used to call the babies “baby bobber birds.” I photograph the male a lot but can be difficult to get a really good exposure.

      May 13, 2013 at 5:50 pm

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