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A Visit to Clifford E Lee Nature Sanctuary

Clifford E Lee Nature Sanctuary was a pleasant surprise with somewhat more water than a few years ago when it looked like it might dry up completely. It was interesting to see how trees had grown where there was marsh but also water where it was previously bare. There was an increase in ducks but still has a way to go to be what it was in earlier years.My first sighting was this friendly black-capped Chickadee who flew right to the bush beside me to say hello.


There were a few male and female Red-winged blackbirds, a first for this year.



it was peaceful and a relaxing place to be. Also sighted, or heard, were Buffleheads, Ruddy Ducks, Lesser Scaups, and Yellow Warblers.It was good to see ducks and geese in the wild again even if it is harder to get close to them..


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