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Colours of Summer

I started a new full-time job so was hit with exhaustion as I adjusted to being on my feet all day and to being active again. I have needed to rest and sleep  a lot during my off hours, however I am starting to get back to my much -needed respites in nature and visits with friends.Other than the sounds of construction, the buzz of mosquitoes in my ear and raucous magpies in the yard, I do feel peaceful as I observe the change in the young birds, the plants, the colour of the grasses and the reflections in the pond waters.It is so good to be outdoors again, it refreshes my body and soul.

I love to get out with my camera and am finding many things that capture my attention which I share with you here and in my next post..

pictures 160-2

pictures 084-2 pictures 123-2 pictures 130-2 pictures 145-2

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