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Mixed Relay

Back to the World Final Triathlon in Edmonton that took place last weekend. It is over but I have been editing my photos.They love to be cheered on and the energy is infectious. In the mixed relay, each athlete swims 300 metres, runs to the transition area while taking off their wetsuits which is a feat in itself, mounts their bicycle for a 6.6 km bike course then runs for 1.6 km before returning to the water where they tag the next team member.

At the beginning of the relay race all the athletes start at the water together.

pictures 202-3

Here they have left the water and are on their way to the bikes.

pictures 221-2

Now they are getting on their bikes in the transition area.

pictures 225-3

After riding 6.6 km they return the bikes and start their run.

pictures 231-2

Then they return to the water area  where they will  tag their team mate.

pictures 215-3


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