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Autumn Scenes from Elk Island National Park

These shots are from a trip that I took to Elk Island National Park, just a 45 minute drive from Edmonton. It officially became autumn around 8:30 p.m. today. After that early snow we had a couple of weeks ago, the weather now is sunny, hot and the scenery  beautiful.We stopped at some of the roadside ponds at the side of the main road near Astotin Lake.

pictures 007-2

pictures 004-2 pictures 035-2

pictures 056-2 pictures 054-2

 Later my friend introduced me to the Amisk Wache a trail that is new to me that I would like to get  back to at another time. It is a short trail, but not being up to too much walking, I was content to stretch out  on the board walk on one part of the trail and just look around.Very relaxing.Here is what I saw from this viewpoint::

pictures 130-2 pictures 118-2 pictures 125 pictures 129-2

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