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The Difference of a Day

One day it was autumn, full of beautiful leaves, bright sun and calm reflections in the pond. Today was still “officially” fall but winter has arrived. The days have become shorter and darker and in the last  week it has dropped 40 degrees. As well, the wind picked up and it is chilly.

Having some time before work, I decided to drive to the park and take photos, the first time I have had a chance to do so in daylight.First I put on my big boots after one fool-hearty day of sticking with shoes and dressed in 2-3 layers of clothing that made it difficult to sit behind the steering wheel of my car. It was a grey day and very interesting to see the change in the light especially in the camera. You can still see the leaves on the trees.  Winter having started a month later than normal,  I am  happy that we had such a beautiful October.

Now I will look for the wonders of the colder days, starting with the pond that I took photos of a few weeks ago when the colours were at their peak.Some of the leaves are still on the trees so it adds a special effect with the dusting of snow.It is quite nice when you dress properly and enjoy the fresh air.

pictures 178-2

pictures 193 pictures 195 pictures 190-2


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