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Evening Visit to the National Park

Not coping with the heat too well, it was a great choice to visit Elk Island National Park in the evening. We arrived at a hiking tail in the dusk armed with water and Au de Doctor Doom and Deep Woods Off. We could hear the mosquitos around our ears and the coyotes in the hills. On this trail is a boardwalk where we could walk across a swampy area and the light and reflections were amazing. A beaver swam back and forth creating an impressive abstract of reflected ripples. It was a typical June day, with lush greens and golds which were a feast for the eyes. Enjoy.

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Looking and Seeing

I often look, but don’t see what I am looking at, even with my camera in hand. I like to remind myself to slow down and explore different angles, shoot from worm’s eye or bird’s eye view, shoot into the light so my subjects are backlit.So often I rush to capture a bird before it flies away but when I slow down and think of different viewpoints from which to shoot, I can surprise myself with the results.

I think it is good to practise, to exercise my creativity  with anything that is in front of me, not just what I usually take photos of. There are endless ways to do this, probably why I have not tired of photography.The practice of looking and slowing down helps me see the regular objects around me in a slightly different way.

There are other benefits, such as being in the moment, relaxing, and the feeling of gratitude.

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Moments in the Season

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There are so many wonderful colours this year due to heavy frosts, warm days and lack of wind so the leaves are brighter and  staying longer. I have been playing with alternate ways of viewing and having fun.



Busy. Overwhelmed. Tired, even exhausted. Back soon, hopefully. Did take a walk in the dog park with my camera. Food for the soul.Love to you all…

Path at Top of Hill


Abstracted Trail

Ice and Bubbles and Crystals

Recently I have been to a showing at a friend’s of 12 photos each by 12 people who went on the trip to Abraham lake last month. It was great to see the variety of photos that we took . I had taken mine and taken some of the colour out of them so went back to my computer and , as I say,” jazzed them up”. The thinking behind this is to enhance the contrast between reflected light and darker areas to show off these features because this is why I was attracted to the subject to begin with. Some of it is just playing around. I will show the “before” and “after”, tell me what you think. i changed the exposure and sometimes the temperature.







Snow Drifts

©Jane Chesebrough

Winter’s back. I am appreciating indoor plumbing and heat today after a visit to the heritage site yesterday.There is sure to be more awsomome snow drifts after yesterday’s windy storm although I may not appreciate digging my car out -we got about 1o cm last night – oh well, it comes with the territory and the exercise is good. I am grateful for the moisture after a choking amount of dust the last couple of weeks.Really like this shot of snow drift it is exactly the way that I took it, no cropping or adjustments.

Season of Light

The shortest day of the year is here and now the days will get longer-yay! I am somewhat sensitive to lack of daylight. Luckily I have opportunities to get outdoors at my work. Longer days make it easier to cope  with the cold temperatures that come in January and February, though I am enjoying the warm weather that we are experiencing now. We have had a light dusting of snowfor which I am grateful-it seems to reflect the lights in a way that is pleasing. Speaking of lights, displays around the city are beautiful-somewhat aleviates the burn-out I am experiencing . To celebrate this season of light I am putting in a motion photo of what else, lights!

May your heart be warm and your soul be bright.

©Jane Chesebrough

Frozen in Motion

©Jane Chesebrough

This is another one of my “abstractions using motion. I took this at the Alberta legistrature. with all the lights and trees surrounding the central area.

The Light Fantastic

 I got a new computer(used) but had to wait to get it installed and uploaded.Although I checked my email, I missed getting online and seeing other people’s blogs. very tiring week but I did mange to get over to the legislature grounds after they turned on the lights.Did a more abstract version of the cityscape.

©Jane Chesebrough