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After the Forest Fire

There was a forest fire at Exclesior Creek earlier this year and I was very saddened to see in the newspapers that the area around my oft-visited viewing site at Medicine Lake was burned.A desire arose in me to see it first-hand. I admit that as I drove up Maligne Lake Road to Medicine Lake the moment I saw the burned area I felt overwhelmed by the devastation.I was also curious what kind of photos I could take of the burnt area and perhaps what was already starting to grow. There were areas that were thick with trees and probably needed thinning out. Yes there will be rejunenation but I felt the loss as well. I talked with a local artist in the parking lot who shared with me how he has come for many years to the area to paint “en plaine air” and we agreed it was sad as well as would be interesting to see what abstracts could be discovered…he as a painter and I as a photographer.I could still smell the charcoal as I took the following photos. Since it was fall the lake was much lower and I was able to walk on ground that normally would be under water. This lake has an under water drainage system and the level drops dramatically in the fall as the water goes underground and drains into the Maligne river and canyon.The photo in my header is of Medicine Lake .there is an eagle’snest on the left and I worried about the young until I saw a photo of the burnt tree with the healthy eaglet still in the nest.

pictures 401-2

pictures 319-2

pictures 348-4-2

pictures 372-2

pictures 384-2

pictures 350-3-2

pictures 338-2

The last photo is taken from the lake  looking back at the parking lot above the stairway.there are some trees that survived as well as saplings in their fall colours

Two Favourite Locations

After going into town for a yummy muffin and Latte from The Other Paw, I headed about 20 km south on the Icefields Parkway to a most wonderful lake. There is a small parking area here and no signs except for the board at the trail head. It is just a short walk through the woods, to a creek. Cross the creek and follow the trails -there is one that goes straight ahead and one that goes left along the creek then into the woods. Both ways are short walks that take you to different parts of the rocky shoreline that has, in some spots, emerald green waters and if you time it right , amazing reflections of the water and cliffs across the way.

pictures 127-2

pictures 128-2

pictures 170-2

This is a place where I can spend hours pondering the scenery and on a warm day, soaking up the heat from the rocks.

Just down the road is the junction of highways 93 and 93A. I turned right  here to go to Athabasca Falls.There are short walks to various viewpoints of the falls and the gorge. You can feel the energy as the water rushes over the rocks and through the gorge.

I have been to this spot in spring , summer and fall -never the same and always exciting.

pictures 200-2

pictures 270-2

pictures 211-2-2pictures 249-2

Next was Medicine Lake where there was a forest fire earlier this season and further up the road, Maligne Lake, an almost 40 km drive. I will save that for my next post.

Evening Visit to the National Park

Not coping with the heat too well, it was a great choice to visit Elk Island National Park in the evening. We arrived at a hiking tail in the dusk armed with water and Au de Doctor Doom and Deep Woods Off. We could hear the mosquitos around our ears and the coyotes in the hills. On this trail is a boardwalk where we could walk across a swampy area and the light and reflections were amazing. A beaver swam back and forth creating an impressive abstract of reflected ripples. It was a typical June day, with lush greens and golds which were a feast for the eyes. Enjoy.

nature 018-2

nature 107-2 nature 033-2 nature 048-2 nature 050-2 nature 051-2 nature 058-2 nature 061-2 nature 071-2 nature 082-2 nature 097-2 nature 098-2 nature 105-2

Ah-h-h-h…Sweet Taste

pictures 052-2 pictures 047 pictures 049-2

Some More from the River Valley

To be honest, I am more inclined to stay home and read a book  than go exploring outdoors. Too cold. It has been minus 25 but getting warmer today and may even go to the plus side this weekend. Here are some photos that I took last week.

river valley 050-2

river valley 145-2

river valley 045-2

river valley 125-3

Moments in the Season

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There are so many wonderful colours this year due to heavy frosts, warm days and lack of wind so the leaves are brighter and  staying longer. I have been playing with alternate ways of viewing and having fun.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

The guest blogger for the weekly challenge is Christopher Martin , whom I follow. Check out his blog especially if you are a photographer. The theme this week is to get closer to the details in a scene, which I like to do. Here is a photo of the larger view of  Windy Point at Abraham Lake and a smaller detail.

View from Windy Point

Ice Detail

Rocky Landscapes

During my travels this summer, I was in the mountains and visited lakes, streams and rivers. There was lots of water and flooding due to large amounts of snow and spring run off. But another aspect of this country was the rocky landscapes that I so enjoy. They could provide warm places to lie out in the sun. They could shelter me from strong winds. There were places that inspired me to take closer shots than the usual mountain vistas.

©Jane Chesebrough

©Jane Chesebrough

©Jane Chesebrough

©Jane Chesebrough

Snow Drifts

©Jane Chesebrough

Winter’s back. I am appreciating indoor plumbing and heat today after a visit to the heritage site yesterday.There is sure to be more awsomome snow drifts after yesterday’s windy storm although I may not appreciate digging my car out -we got about 1o cm last night – oh well, it comes with the territory and the exercise is good. I am grateful for the moisture after a choking amount of dust the last couple of weeks.Really like this shot of snow drift it is exactly the way that I took it, no cropping or adjustments.

Season of Light

The shortest day of the year is here and now the days will get longer-yay! I am somewhat sensitive to lack of daylight. Luckily I have opportunities to get outdoors at my work. Longer days make it easier to cope  with the cold temperatures that come in January and February, though I am enjoying the warm weather that we are experiencing now. We have had a light dusting of snowfor which I am grateful-it seems to reflect the lights in a way that is pleasing. Speaking of lights, displays around the city are beautiful-somewhat aleviates the burn-out I am experiencing . To celebrate this season of light I am putting in a motion photo of what else, lights!

May your heart be warm and your soul be bright.

©Jane Chesebrough

Frozen in Motion

©Jane Chesebrough

This is another one of my “abstractions using motion. I took this at the Alberta legistrature. with all the lights and trees surrounding the central area.

The Light Fantastic

 I got a new computer(used) but had to wait to get it installed and uploaded.Although I checked my email, I missed getting online and seeing other people’s blogs. very tiring week but I did mange to get over to the legislature grounds after they turned on the lights.Did a more abstract version of the cityscape.

©Jane Chesebrough

Lights One Way or Another

I wanted to take photos of a couple of  trees on a street that were wrapped in lights but perplexed about how to  photograph them: with the street and building  signs,zoom in and eliminate some, abstract them?  So I tried a couple of approaches: which do you prefer?

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Abstractions to Explore and Amuse

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I have been inspired by Darwin Wiggett, Samantha Chrysanthou, Freeman Patterson, Micheal Orton and so many of you and the people that you have listed in your blogger lists. Learning to see what is obvious and not so obvious has enriched my life and my world view. One thing affects another, one person affects another like the ripples in a pond. Thank you all and may we keep playing and sharing the journey!