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Early Evening at the Pond

Except for a noisy youth group having a good time, it was very peaceful at the park. This is the calm before the storm of crowds of thousands and athletes from around the world as they compete in the World Triathlon Event. I  enjoyed the evening for what it was, ducklings and geese feeding in the pond and a few curious ring-billed gulls that came closer to check me out while I sat on a tiny patch of grass that had no droppings on it.The sun was low and rather sharp lighting that blew out some photos but some worked, too. I was reminded how much light changes as does the evaluative range of my camera as I turned from left to right. First is a female mallard, then a young American Widgeon, young mallard,young Goldeneye duck, Mallard and a young Ring-billed gull.

pictures 079-2

 pictures 010-2 pictures 016-2 pictures 020-2 pictures 042-2 pictures 053-3

A Way to Go Yet

I had my first bicycle ride yesterday-it was sunny and somewhat warm but got cooler and very overcast. That is when I decided to go to Hawrelak Park to see how the ice was melting. After being at Hermitage (where the ponds are clear) I was shocked to see the pond mostly frozen.I feel sorry for the ducks and geese-they look somewhat forlorn but those may be  my projections. See for yourself.

The Last Week in April


Though I did get to see a couple of “firsts” for the year, including this pair of “Common Goldeneye ducks.

Pair of Golden Eyes


and this male  American Widgeon.

Male American WigeonI enjoyed watching these two Mallards come to a puddle beside my car and took these photos out the side window.They didn’t fly away and I stayed in the car to give them space and take photos then slowly opened the door and quietly got out. They walked around the car and back onto the lawn without panic. To give you an idea of how overcast it was my settings were: 1/20 sec; f/6.3,ISO 400 exposure comp .7 stepMr and MsFinally, here is a shot of  a goose that expresses the mood of the pond.

Canada Goose

Yes, this too, shall pass.