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The Oohs and Ah-hhhs of Sunset

There was a bright shining red ball lowering in the sky as my friend and I raced for the beach at Astotin Lake. People were in the way so I used them as impromptu models because the sun was sinking fast and I didn’t want to miss it.Yes, their heads are merged with the background islands but I felt there was so little precious time. We stuck around after the sun set to see the more sublte colours in the surrounding sky.

nature 118-2

nature 119-2 nature 122-2 nature 138-2 nature 144-2 nature 146-2

nature 150-3

Red-Breasted Nuthatch

I got up close and personal with this red-breasted nuthatch the other day. I am sick and have no energy so this post is short but I like the photo. Enjoy.pictures 214-2

Early Evening at the Pond

Except for a noisy youth group having a good time, it was very peaceful at the park. This is the calm before the storm of crowds of thousands and athletes from around the world as they compete in the World Triathlon Event. I  enjoyed the evening for what it was, ducklings and geese feeding in the pond and a few curious ring-billed gulls that came closer to check me out while I sat on a tiny patch of grass that had no droppings on it.The sun was low and rather sharp lighting that blew out some photos but some worked, too. I was reminded how much light changes as does the evaluative range of my camera as I turned from left to right. First is a female mallard, then a young American Widgeon, young mallard,young Goldeneye duck, Mallard and a young Ring-billed gull.

pictures 079-2

 pictures 010-2 pictures 016-2 pictures 020-2 pictures 042-2 pictures 053-3

Got to give Credit to the Magpies

The black-billed Magpie is a member of the corvid family, making them kin to crows, ravens and jays.To some they are pests, to others they are a source of affection. They are an intelligent bird, storing food in caches and are able to remember where they store their piles and will watch where other birds store their food then steal it. The only time I really hated them was the time I saw a pair of them take the babies out of a chickadee’s nest and eat them, while the parents attacked the larger birds but to no avail.I have seen them chase a rabbit for fun and nip it in the bottom until the rabbit ran away. I have seen magpies play tag with cats, sneaking up behind the felines then flying out of the way just in time to evade the claws of the frustrated animals.

Because I started watching them build one nest I grew more fascinated. They are monogamous and there are a few pairs in the neighbourhood. I have since discovered another nest that is being built.I was watching them for a while the other day and following them while taking photos.They grew more tolerant of my curiosity and as I continued walking they were soon following me. 

Here are some shots from that day except for the second photo which was taken at another time in different light..









On a Field Trip

I was on a field trip with the photo club and going for a shot of a sparrow and all of a sudden found myself looking at this yellow warbler. It caught me by surprise but I managed a couple of not- very- good shots but I will share them anyway because they are special to me.

On another matter, I am not getting your blogs in my  email from any of you that I follow. I obviously clicked on the wrong button about no follow-up comments to my email-now I get nothing !  I am missing your blogs and will look into this right away. I  look forward to reading your blogs again.

©Jane Chesebrough

©Jane Chesebrough