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More Reviews from the Past Year

First, I chose my friend Lindsay’s orchids. She is very good at growing them and I like to capture their images.pictures 043-2 Secondly, I was capturing images of geese last April with not a lot of signs of snow.I wonder if these geese over-wintered?Hermitage Park-029-2 The pastels in the skies were pretty last March.20140312-IMG_0067-2 Another “painting” of a gazebo in the central area of the city.pictures 007-2 a close-up of a house finch that nested in the area.Liked hearing its song which was a pleasant change from the house sparrows but I know my neighbour was NOT amused by the singing just under his window every morning.Birds 009-2A magpie showing off it’s tail feathers. I wonder how the weather will be for the rest of winter, a lot has melted and the temperature is up-and-down like a yo-yo. One day at a time.Birds 070-3


A Well-Deserved Drink

The others followed Mom and Dad but this one that ran to the water stopped for a drink.Lacombe 097-2


This young gosling is showing its enthusiasm as it is running for the pond while its sibling chooses to graze. Who knows, maybe it is a challenge to see who will get there first. At this age, it seems their bodies are too heavy for their feet, for they will walk or run a short distance then all of a sudden they will plop to the ground and sit for a while. I get a kick out of them flapping their wings but looking at it seriously, it is probably good practise to strengthen their muscles  for the first flight.

Lacombe 103-2

They are real Traffic Stoppers

For all the hassles caused by the Canada Geese they seem to warm people’s hearts at this time of year. Twice this week. they have made the news as either police or firemen helped them across busy roads. The one that I heard about today stopped traffic on the Yellowhead Trail, a freeway that crosses the north part of the city. Police were called and the officer had a big smile on his face as he cleared the way for a mother goose and her goslings as they crossed the road. He told the reporter that no one cussed or honked their horns during rush hour but took it in stride.The news report said they “were taken into custody” and re-released in a safer area.

 I am keeping my eye on this nesting mother in a natural area as her nest gets bigger as she adds reeds and feathers.



Red-necked Grebes, Grackle, Red-wing Blackbird and Canada Goose

Saw a few birds here at this man-made lake in northern Edmonton.  pictures 005-2

Red-necked Grebe

pictures 111-2

Common  Grackle

pictures 127-2

Resting Female Mallard

pictures 167-2

Resting Male Mallard

pictures 125-2

Nesting Goose-unfortunately I saw broken eggs on the rocks and a crow-could they be her eggs?

pictures 130-2

Displaying Red-Wing Blackbird

pictures 185-2

                                                                                   A Younger Red-winged Blackbird? Singing his heart out but not the colour of an adult.

A Way to Go Yet

I had my first bicycle ride yesterday-it was sunny and somewhat warm but got cooler and very overcast. That is when I decided to go to Hawrelak Park to see how the ice was melting. After being at Hermitage (where the ponds are clear) I was shocked to see the pond mostly frozen.I feel sorry for the ducks and geese-they look somewhat forlorn but those may be  my projections. See for yourself.

The Last Week in April


Though I did get to see a couple of “firsts” for the year, including this pair of “Common Goldeneye ducks.

Pair of Golden Eyes


and this male  American Widgeon.

Male American WigeonI enjoyed watching these two Mallards come to a puddle beside my car and took these photos out the side window.They didn’t fly away and I stayed in the car to give them space and take photos then slowly opened the door and quietly got out. They walked around the car and back onto the lawn without panic. To give you an idea of how overcast it was my settings were: 1/20 sec; f/6.3,ISO 400 exposure comp .7 stepMr and MsFinally, here is a shot of  a goose that expresses the mood of the pond.

Canada Goose

Yes, this too, shall pass.