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We Will Remember You, Constable Daniel Woodall

This was a sad day.Today was the funeral and procession for Const Daniel Woodall who was killed in the line of duty on  Monday, June 8th. He and his partner Srgt Jason Harley were  shot down by a man while attempting to arrest him.Srgt Harley survived but Const Woodall succumbed to his wounds.Many police officers came from all over this continent as well as overseas. Thousands of blue ribbons and  Edmontonians lined the streets to pay tribute. Although I missed the front of the procession I caught a lot of it.

Today there was a march and bands played. As well, the parade of officers came to a standstill a number of times and the streets were silent.

It is hard to describe the fellings that arose in me…thoughts of Claire Woodall, their young children Gabe and Kalen, and Daniel’s parents David and Denice. This is when the grief gets tough, when everyone else gets back to their lives after the ceremony and you are left with a big void within. So my thoughts are with the family. Although I took photos I also stopped to be still and reflect, to be grateful for the service that these men and women give of themselves, to pray for their safety and healing. I don’t know these people but I felt like I got to know them as I heard the eulogies given by the chief of police and friends at the funeral service that was streamed on-line and at big screens in the city square.

woodall 002-2

woodall 020-2

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A sight that I saw that filled me with awe and touched my heart, was at the intersection before the Shaw Conference centre. Two fire trucks had ladders extended over the street  in an arc and from one hung a huge Canadian flag and from the other hung a huge British flag. Costable Woodall has lived here for a number of years but he started his service with the police in Manchester England. That display was beautiful and a class act from Edmonton firefighters.

woodall 032-2

I listened a while to the funeral service before going to work. Ironically, on the way home tonight, I saw flashing lights at an intersection and two officers were directing traffic. I saw a car and on the other side of the car was a bicycle lying on the road. My heart sank. As well as with the Woodall family, my prayers are with the members of the Edmonton Police Service and first responders. Thank you.