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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone! I have been outside only two times in the last 3 weeks other than work because the flu laid me so low. I am back at work but usually just hit the couch when I get home. Today was my day off and I went to the park where I briefly watched some chickadees and talked to other birders.

It is cold out, minus 30 and the birds are feeding and all puffed up.I enjoyed being outdoors and saying hi to people and having dinner with a friend but have used up all my energy and since I work tomorrow, going to sleep early so I can rest and wake up refreshed. It was good to get outside and see my chickadee friends.Here is my shot for the day. pictures 032-2

More Female Pine Grosbeaks

it is interesting to approach the berry trees with no sight of a Pine Grosbeak, but quickly they come to the tree in twos and threes. it feels magical, how they start showing up. I only had a half-hour but took the time specifically to see and photograph the birds. In this time period I saw only the females but was able to get very close.

pictures 056-2 pictures 063-2

pictures 028-2 pictures 023-2pictures 047-2

The Pause that Refreshes

I got a kick out of the gestures made by this fellow as he savoured some water.Who knows, maybe his teeth got cold or he got “brain freeze”





all taken at 1/80 sec @f/16, ISO 200

Coping with Frigidity

Ha, that got your attention, didn’t it? This is in answer to bayphotosbydonna‘s comment about dealing with snow for a whole season. I used to say the best way to deal with winter is get outdoors and enjoy it, but that philosophy is lacking at the moment.Ironically , we had freezing rain last night and I fell in the parking lot this morning. Nothing serious but did strain my back and knee on the way down. Just going to stay home and take it easy today to be safe. I will start over and get out for a walk later and build on exercise until I am back skiing and skating. We are going into another deep freeze-I just sigh and take it one day at a time and if my attitude is really bad sometimes have to break it down into ten minute slots and work on my sense of humour.  This is an old photo from last year in  March, ” Come for  a Walk with Me.”  There are people out there jogging and riding bicycles even when it is -30. Go figure.


A Cold Day with Fog and Ice Crystals and a Sun Dog

It is cold today, with low temperatures and biting breeze that gives us the equivalent of minus 28. As I passed the river valley I noticed the fog and could see the ice crystals in the  air which look like tiny snow flakes and the air shimmers. The fog was exciting and the play on light created nice effects including a  sun dog. I am happy that I took the time to chase the rainbows.

Despite the beauty and wonder of the weather phenomena, the best part of the day was receiving a visit from friends from out of town whom I haven’t seen in a while.




pictures 144-4

A Deceptively Beautiful Day

So pretty outside, but you don’t want to be there long.It is bright, sunny and the skies are so blue. But the temperatures are more suitable for January or February, minus 30 with a windchill that makes it feel like minus 41.The weather people are saying that exposed skin can get frost bitten in 10 minutes.It is still autumn.! I dressed accordingly and braved the cold to get some photos and will leave you all with these ones Enjoy, because I am staying inside with the dogs on my lap watching TV until they need to go out there to do their business-and that won’t take long. Please take time to read the paragraph at the end of the photos.


 I have one more thing to say. In this time of the passing of the great human being, Nelson Mandela, it is said his light has gone out but I pray that the light he shone will never go out but will be carried on in all of our hearts that we may all continue to  strive for peace, love and harmony. He is free and at peace – may we never forget him .

You know it’s Cold When…

I was thinking of ways that  I could show the effects of the cold and I thought of a take-off on the red-neck jokes by Jeff Foxworthy. You know when it’s cold when…So I haven’t been too active but got a couple of photos. you know it’s cold when the smoke coming out of the stacks go horizontal rather than vertical. You know it’s cold outside when your nose hairs freeze. You it’s cold outsde when the parking lot is strewn with cords to plug in the block heaters in all the vehicles.  You know it’s cold outside when  AMA is so busy you have to wait up to 9 hours to get a boost or tow.Ironicly the cold weather may have had something to do with my neck getting totally out of whack. I had done some exercises that involved turning my head to each side and I over-stretched.( I know better) That, and the cold weather probably had something to do with it getting stiffer and stiffer..til I went to the hospital today to get some relief – I could barely move, chew or turn my head in any direction and was in a lot of pain.Got some meds to help me relax enough to massage myself blah blah blah…physio next week. Feel free to add some quotes about the cold.The photos aren’t that great, but you get the idea.Have a good day and and remember to practice an attitude of gratitude. Click on photo to enlarge.