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More Birds from Last Week

While I take a break from shovelling the snow from around the car -at least one foot of it – I would like to share some photos of the birds that I saw near the feeders at Hawrelak Park in the last week.

The first few were shot using Aperture Priority, the woodpecker in Shutter priority and the squirrel in Manual mode. I have been experimenting  with modes, departing from using  my usual manual mode because sometimes the birds move so fast or the light changes so quickly that one less button to adjust might come in handy. It is nice to have a narrow depth of field but more likely that parts of the bird will be out of focus when it is moving so much so better to shut down the aperture somewhat from f/6 to f/8.  I find too, that being zoomed- in totally gives me a better chance of losing parts of the planned composition.When I need the fast shutter speed I turn up the ISO. Live and learn.What mode do you shoot birds in?

Mostly I like to get a shot of a bird when it lands on a branch before or after going to the feeder but in the case of the Red-breasted Nuthatch, it was too well-hidden in the branches and very evasive.

There was a White-breasted Nuthatch.


as well as a Red-breasted Nuthatch. I once had one of these land in my hand while I was feeding the chickadees.


Some Common Redpolls:


and a few  Black-Capped Chickadees. Although I can not see this one’s face, I like seeing how it holds the seed between its feet so it can break the husk off.Image

Here is a different view of a Hairy Woodpecker feeding at the suet feeder:


and one with a Chickadee flying away that has no still, in-focus parts, but I like the action:


And of course, though it is not always welcome,  I had to include a Red Squirrel. Took this shot using manual mode and do admit is is somewhat over-exposed in spots:


I am looking forward to going back to the park but first need to dig myself out. Usually there is lots of activity at the feeders after a big snowfall.

Redpolls are Plentiful this Year

Some years I never see this bird and others, I see a lot of them. This is a good year. There are two species, the Common Redpolls and the Hoary Redpolls.  The latter are described as “little or no streaking on its rump or crissum and have silvery-white plummage, presenting a more frosted appearance. Also a stubby bill whereas the bill of the Common Redpoll is conical. They breed in the Arctic and see them here in Alberta in the winter months.

I think that I may have captured images of both kinds but not sure. Here I think they are all common. I am happy that I have pictures of male and females and on branches rather than on the feeder.Any comments are welcome.

Common Redpoll


Male Redpoll


A Pair of  'Pollspictures 032

pictures 085


Possible Hoary