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What Should I Charge?

After reading  another blogger’s story about making a contract with a buyer, I thought , how does one like myself, a relative beginner, determine what to charge for my work? I had a woman buy a photo after endless bargaining for the right size and price. I was hesitant from the start. Originally she just wanted me to “give” her a copy, I was the one to suggest a price after asking a couple of friends what to do and they advised not to give something for nothing.  I gave her  an 8 x 11 image with my signature on it for $40, unframed. After a couple of weeks she contacted me and wanted a larger format in order to see the details that she wanted, promising to return the original image. I sent her the image via e-mail full size, unsigned,after haggling back and forth for a month or two.I have never heard from her again.

Personally I would rather have an image already done  for people to buy. When I painted, I never did commissioned work because it is never going to turn out the way they expect.  To me , it is not worth the hassle. Either like what I have done, or forget it.

Because I am a relative beginner, I checked what some pros charge for one image,then dropped it by 40 % but checking prices on websites reminded me to charge for shooting and travel time, not to mention editing. Also, behind  one good photo may be a dozen rejects, a lot of time and practice, not to mention equipment. I would love feedback from my readers who are photographers about what  and how they determined  a price for their work. Thank you.

The first copy that I sent to her is below.The title will clue you in to what created her desire to have it in the first place. When a group of us were looking at slides, projected onto a large wall, I spotted images in the icicle. Burnt toast, anyone?


The Holy Family