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Ice Scuptures

Mother Giraffe with Offspring


Bear Snow Scupture

Ice Scuptures

Attended ” Ice on Whyte”  an annual show of ice and snow sculptures hosting artists from around the world who feature incredible work. One of the features is a huge slide made out of snow for children and adults. In the evening rotating spotlights cast different hues on the ice.  There was an entertainment tent where a live band was playing some good blues and hot chocolate was available for a donation to the local youth shelter.

It was -10 celsius when I attended, quite liveable  if you were dressed properly.Crazy weather, a couple of days above zero then down, then up. yesterday was -29 C with wind chill factor of -43. Today is warmer with less wind but still the equivalent about -33 C. Nasty!

Body Brushes

Took a picture of these body brushes at the Wostok Hardware store at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village last weekend.I was attracted to the richness of the browns and the textures plus the fact they were brushes for grooming horses – I used to ride alot when I was younger. Someone walked in the door just as I was about to shoot and they were concerned that they blocked my light and I told them yes, but please stay there for a moment because they blocked the glare from the light that was reflecting off the top of the brushes. I liked this shot –  it is a little close at the bottom but wanted to keep the top and side of the photo clean from surrounding objects.

0.5 sec @ f / 5.6, ISO 200, 55mm

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