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Evening Visit to the National Park

Not coping with the heat too well, it was a great choice to visit Elk Island National Park in the evening. We arrived at a hiking tail in the dusk armed with water and Au de Doctor Doom and Deep Woods Off. We could hear the mosquitos around our ears and the coyotes in the hills. On this trail is a boardwalk where we could walk across a swampy area and the light and reflections were amazing. A beaver swam back and forth creating an impressive abstract of reflected ripples. It was a typical June day, with lush greens and golds which were a feast for the eyes. Enjoy.

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Getting A Closer Look at Nature

I like the big scenic shots outdoors as well as the closer views that caught my attention at Elk Island National Park. I took these with my 70-300mm zoom lens. I felt sad when I saw the withered state of the once magnificent dragonflies and damsels and chose to pay tribute.

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