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Yes Virginia, there are Elk in Elk Island National Park

This National park 45 minutes outside the city limits of  Edmonton Alberta is famous for its bison herds that are used to stock  herds worldwide. It is a bit of a joke about the elk because we locals often say where are they? They tend to be more shy and in the 30 years that I have lived in the area I have seen elk in this park twice.Usually the staff have a good idea where the animals and birds are and are willing to help you set out in the right direction, especially if you are willing to go a little ways off the beaten path. Once  I saw a herd when I was cross-country skiing on the trails off the roadway and the other day some were just beside the road  on both sides of the highway. That was pretty exciting and there were a lot of them..We also saw a couple of coyotes but my lens fogged up when I took the camera out of the bag and all I got was a reverse vignette effect. Ha Ha. It was still great to see the animals and we saw three bison with snow on their faces and  slowed down for a look but no stops were made as we were meeting others at a destination further down the road. It was worth getting up early in the morning with temperatures of minus 28.These photos are from three different groups.

pictures 322-2

These were the first ones we saw, actually three that ran and joined a few others.

pictures 328

When they are feeling safe, they always stop and look back at you.

pictures 335-2

This was part of a group on the opposite side of the road.

pictures 351-2There was one ahead of us that was quite bold until we got closer.

pictures 356-3He ran up the hill and joined his buddy, then they turned to check us out.

pictures 359-4One last glance-and then there were three. They all would run away fro a few paces, then stop and look at us, before turning and going further afield. I hope you like the photos.

We spent at least a half hour spotting them, driving a short distance then seeing more and stopping to take more photos. It sure was fun, even forgot how cold it was.

Some of you seem to have disappeared – hope you come back for a visit, because I miss you and your posts. If I don’t get a chance tomorrow, I want to wish all of you a new year of  hope, peace and prosperity.

Viewing Wildlife


I took these photos using my 70-300mm lens and from the safety of the car, both for my sake and the sake of the animals. This is stressful for them to have people approaching them and if one person doesn’t get hurt by this, perhaps the next one will. I was floored when I pulled over to a roadside stop and there was a photographer with a 300mm lens or more lying on the ground about 15 ft from this ram and his ewes. Probably because of the example he set, a family with young children was getting out of their van to take some photos. Sure, they were eating quietly but that can change in an instant-they are wild animals.

The elk was spotted across the road and I took the photo from the safety of the car. The cows are calving now and are dangerous because if they feel threatened they will charge.

The loon was a gift because as I approached the shoreline, I inadvertently flushed a pair out from the underbrush. I managed to get three shots of the one.

Image Image

Wildlife of Jasper National Park

Well I made it! Was somewhat worried that the weather would hold me back, but I was determined and so glad I went to Jasper last weekend. Everything fell into place with travel, and accomodation and seeing some of the wildlife. And the weather was fantastic. Here are a few samples, including birds. i did see four bald eagles two outside of Edson and two in the park but due to circumstances could not get the photos. It was still a thrill to see them. Please click on photos to enlarge the slideshow.Mountains and scenery  tomorrow. 🙂