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Oldest to Youngest

I got a kick out of the behaviours of the Goose families. They all are close to one another, but parents sure get on their guard if one family gets too close to another.I thought this was because I was too close but they were focused on their own species.

ImageThis above is usually a no-no composition for me but i like the mother goose view of her scattered brood.

ImageWhen the goose lays her head low, as a warning to others, I believe, it is interesting to see some of the young mimic the behaviour.

ImageSorry for the slow shutter speed in the above, but here an older gosling has wandered from its family to peck at the younger one. I had to hold myself back, and was surprised that the parents didn’t notice. Or maybe this is just about growing up.

ImageThis one was stretching it’s wings although barely developed , then promptly plopped down , its body too heavy for its legs.

Imagehere are a family of older goslings, maybe a couple of weeks old.

ImageAnd here are the newest, probably a couple of days old with both parents being very attentive.And one last shot of a closer view.









Oh Yes! There are Babies After All!

When i took a break from job-hunting, God help me, I went to what is now for me the infamous Hawrelak Park and I spotted some geese, Mallard and Goldeneye families. I felt very happy and even talked to some people  nicely that were willing to listen to the downside of feeding the wildlife. That made me very happy to see that some managed to survive the chasing and lazers and god-awful sounds coming from the speakers on the  islands. The powers that be are going to gather them up at some point. But for now  a brief respite. 🙂

ImageImageImage ImageImageImage

One family Made It So Far

This was not taken at Hawrelak Park pond where they are trying to chase the geese away. This is at a recreational park in the city so maybe the city is chasing here as well but one family has made it.

 I told one boy that the crackers he was feeding the goslings were not good for them. He said that he heard bread was bad and I said it was the same thing. I didn’t freak out and he went away then came back without the crackers and sat with me and we observed and chatted together. One little girl brought a large flat box and set it on the ground near the goslings. At first i thought it was food then saw it was filled with grass, a “nest” for the little ones. How sweet.She really cares. And so does the boy.

There is hope.Image


Goslings (Canada Geese)

I took time out from running after the  migrating warblers that are flying through the city and took a photo (well, a few more than one) of the new and youngest members at the local pond. Getting this one posted without any touchups or editing-they are so CUTE! I think you’ll agree. 🙂

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