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Ice Scuptures

Mother Giraffe with Offspring


Bear Snow Scupture

Ice Scuptures

Attended ” Ice on Whyte”  an annual show of ice and snow sculptures hosting artists from around the world who feature incredible work. One of the features is a huge slide made out of snow for children and adults. In the evening rotating spotlights cast different hues on the ice.  There was an entertainment tent where a live band was playing some good blues and hot chocolate was available for a donation to the local youth shelter.

It was -10 celsius when I attended, quite liveable  if you were dressed properly.Crazy weather, a couple of days above zero then down, then up. yesterday was -29 C with wind chill factor of -43. Today is warmer with less wind but still the equivalent about -33 C. Nasty!

Ice on Whyte Winter Festival

Winter’s Back with a bang, it feels like a Canadian winter again.It started snowing on Saturday and the temperature dropped to -26 celsius. It’s dropping down to -30 tonight. and staying til Wednsady . ironic, by the end of the week, hopefully when it goes up to -20 we will be saying we are having a heat wave. ha, all is relative!On the weekend I attended “Ice on Whyte” an exhibition of ice and snow sculptures with guest artists from China.Ice on Whyte is partnering with the Province of Alberta to present a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the twinning of the provinces of Alberta and Heilongjiang, China, so there are exhibits at the legislature grounds as well.  There are tents with live music inside.So I enjoyed the artistry and I hope you enjoy the photos .Click on them to enlarge.