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The Oohs and Ah-hhhs of Sunset

There was a bright shining red ball lowering in the sky as my friend and I raced for the beach at Astotin Lake. People were in the way so I used them as impromptu models because the sun was sinking fast and I didn’t want to miss it.Yes, their heads are merged with the background islands but I felt there was so little precious time. We stuck around after the sun set to see the more sublte colours in the surrounding sky.

nature 118-2

nature 119-2 nature 122-2 nature 138-2 nature 144-2 nature 146-2

nature 150-3

Happy Easter!

pictures 073-3

After a few tentative steps into my old church starting last Christmas, I have been slowly immersing myself into the culture and worship and indeed feel like I have “come home”. It has been, for the most part, busy at work at the store, and I have been taking time to  experience the journey through Lent  including this Holy week via prayer, meditation and  spiritual practise sessions, services for Good Friday, a vigil on Saturday,  and finally , a celebration of the living Christ today. Life is good.

Some things never change as I am not a morning type, so dragging my butt after getting up for the sunrise service this morning and a “little” wired on coffee.

Going out to shoot some birds, soon. Of course I will be using my Canon.

Jane  😉

Silouettes and Sunsets

You got to love the evening light in January. I went along the river valley to shoot photos around the “golden hour”. The camera was hand held  while using shutter priority. I edited using HP Media Smart Photo, sometimes using the auto lightening feature which brought out the colour the way that I saw it but could make the photo “noisy”. The Sharpening feature works very well. A good basic editing program., alas, no noise removal.

jane 012.JPG1/160 sec @f/4, ISO 800

Fox Drive Eve

1/125 sec @f/8, ISO 800

jane 026

1/125 sec @f/4, ISO 800

January Sunset

1/50 sec @f/4, ISO 800

Quiet Reflection

In the midst of the visits with loved ones and the laughter and the yummy food, I got photos of my friends and some taken of me so I can come out from hiding behind my camera in my profile.I found myself taking photos of the quieter things as well, like this candle and stars that were on a coffee table.

Merry Christmas Season and best wishes for a prosperous, happy year in 2014!

pictures 097-4

Winter Solstice

It arrived,  shortly after 12 noon on the 22nd. It is now officially winter, although personally and  speaking weather wise, it has already been here for a month and a half in this region.

I attended a candlelight ceremony that spoke of the history of the pagan beginnings and the adoption of some of the ceremonies into new Christian teachings. I found the idea of the spark of light within  hopeful and celebrated the season of light both in the world and within. After so many short days that have been overcast, I find it refreshing and rejuvenating to be in the moment of beauty of the season, to see the decorations,  sing the carols and be in community with my friends.

I wish you a happy solstice and welcome the return of longer days and renewed spirit.