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Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

I thought that I would try this photo challenge thing, could not figure out how to become part of this until I subscribed to The Daily Post at WordPress.com It just so happened that I took a picture of a thistle when I was trying out my new Canon lens 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM supersonic and image stabilizer. Did not get a lens hood because I thought that I would use my Sigma hood but no such luck.

Oh I am going to be paying for this for a while but I see a difference already. Here’s a sample of clarity in the shade, hand-held.

©Jane Chesebrough

First Snow

<©Jane Chesebrough                                                           ©Jane Chesebrough

                                                            1/100 f5.6 ISO 200

I knew this was coming. The worst part is the anticipation and the chills that I feel as the weather changes. Then, when the first snow falls, I am ready and my attitude is “get out there and enjoy it.”

              ©Jane Chesebrough

             1/80  f5  ISO 200

Remembering a Friend

©Jane Chesebrough

             ©Jane Chesebrough

 I took this photo of a Thundering Crabapple  tree  in the spring.The tree was planted in memory of a deceased friend by her parents and I took the photo so I could send them an image of the tree in bloom. It was the first time that I saw it in bloom myself. She died in the fall a few years ago .Remembering her…

Taken with Kodak C813 point and shoot

Skeleton of an Old Barn


©Jane Chesebrough

I took this shot with my Canon Rebel XS looking into my friends’ old barn from the front door. I liked the skeleton structure. I have so many memories of this place that belongs to a family that I “adopted”  shortly after my arrival in this province thirty (Yes, thirty!) years ago.

1/60 shutter, f 5.6

Maple Leaf Forever

                                                   © Jane Chesebrough