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Watering the Orchids

When I water the orchids I bring all the plants into the sink where they are sprayed with tap water , then water from a jar that has fertilizer mixed into it. I liked the effect of the water drops on the plant so took one and placed it in front of a leafy green plant. This is the result.

IMG_1023 IMG_1028 IMG_1022

Lots of Buds

I keep trying shots of the orchids, because there are so many buds, and/or new blooms. These were shot in the evening in the window with a tungsten light and natural light. Should get lots of opportunities to practice.I used my 70-300 mm zoom lens with a narrow depth of field, probably f 4.5 or f 5.6.


Ann’s Orchid

This is for Ann, who looks in on my blog. I took a photo of her orchid, which is coming into bloom. At least I think this is hers, will include more than one, just in case. Ha Ha!


IMG_0913 IMG_0922


More Reviews from the Past Year

First, I chose my friend Lindsay’s orchids. She is very good at growing them and I like to capture their images.pictures 043-2 Secondly, I was capturing images of geese last April with not a lot of signs of snow.I wonder if these geese over-wintered?Hermitage Park-029-2 The pastels in the skies were pretty last March.20140312-IMG_0067-2 Another “painting” of a gazebo in the central area of the city.pictures 007-2 a close-up of a house finch that nested in the area.Liked hearing its song which was a pleasant change from the house sparrows but I know my neighbour was NOT amused by the singing just under his window every morning.Birds 009-2A magpie showing off it’s tail feathers. I wonder how the weather will be for the rest of winter, a lot has melted and the temperature is up-and-down like a yo-yo. One day at a time.Birds 070-3


The orchids in my friend’s window are abundant and there are even more buds on it. These flowers give a pleasant respite from the ice and snow and promises us that spring will arrive.


1/50 sec @f/13 ISO 200

Staying Indoors with the Orchids


©Jane Chesebrough
Thought that I would try a black velvet backdrop and shoot some Orchids. Very interesting, I actually checked my histogram on my camera and could see where there were real bright spots so I moved the f stop down a bit and these are the best that I took. So much to learn but I am having fun with the process!

©Jane Chesebrough