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First Blush of Spring

It gives me such pleasure to see the leaves coming out of their buds and the valley is getting greener.Here are pictures that I took of the trail that weaves along side of the golf course.








What Should I Charge?

After reading  another blogger’s story about making a contract with a buyer, I thought , how does one like myself, a relative beginner, determine what to charge for my work? I had a woman buy a photo after endless bargaining for the right size and price. I was hesitant from the start. Originally she just wanted me to “give” her a copy, I was the one to suggest a price after asking a couple of friends what to do and they advised not to give something for nothing.  I gave her  an 8 x 11 image with my signature on it for $40, unframed. After a couple of weeks she contacted me and wanted a larger format in order to see the details that she wanted, promising to return the original image. I sent her the image via e-mail full size, unsigned,after haggling back and forth for a month or two.I have never heard from her again.

Personally I would rather have an image already done  for people to buy. When I painted, I never did commissioned work because it is never going to turn out the way they expect.  To me , it is not worth the hassle. Either like what I have done, or forget it.

Because I am a relative beginner, I checked what some pros charge for one image,then dropped it by 40 % but checking prices on websites reminded me to charge for shooting and travel time, not to mention editing. Also, behind  one good photo may be a dozen rejects, a lot of time and practice, not to mention equipment. I would love feedback from my readers who are photographers about what  and how they determined  a price for their work. Thank you.

The first copy that I sent to her is below.The title will clue you in to what created her desire to have it in the first place. When a group of us were looking at slides, projected onto a large wall, I spotted images in the icicle. Burnt toast, anyone?


The Holy Family

Such Drama! But thanks for listening.

I did go on about being ill and so publicly, the exact opposite of what my mother taught me. “don’t hang your dirty laundry in public.” I admit that I was scared and my thinking can take off madly in all directions at the best of times, but when I am sick? Oh boy.

I am feeling better today, partially because the new antibiotics are kicking in and partially because I phoned the learning centre today and withdrew, precisely so I can take the time I need to recuperate.

It was one thing to take the workshops but when the  actual job search started on top of that, when I didn’t feel well in the first place, it was too much. I was pushing myself then, doing things outside of work and going to doctors, acquiring clothes and the balance got tipped.  I think that the combination of the illness plus the nature of the medications  put me on a bit of a roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows and anything but rational thinking. But that is what happens when you get sick. It is good to have a support system of friends who can drop in or call and help you make decisions regarding whether you are sick or well, whether to get up or stay in bed, take time off or push yourself a little more. Thank goodness for friends including blog friends who have been giving me feedback.

Yes, I have been into the drama. And the self-pity. And the resentment at the “system” that rewards workaholism and 60 hour weeks and going beyond the call of duty. A lot of us are working in merged jobs where it used to take two people to do the duties. As I pushed harder and got more out of touch with myself  and more out of control, I  really felt like it was survival of the fittest and I was losing , big time.

Some of the pushing paid off. I got pro-active about my health and finding out what was going on with the cough that never goes away. A little scary, but not surprising, is the discovery of a drug-resistant bacteria .There might be some further investigation with tests and visits to a lung specialist. The good thing is, I am on pretty powerful antibiotics that should work to defeat this bacteria and actually heal me.

I share this so others may grasp an answer they have been looking for, or find that point of connection that says “oh yes, I know what you mean.”  It is very important for me to keep in touch with the things that I love and the people that I love and the quiet time in my little corner where I can breathe, be still and listen. Especially important when I am “not myself.” It has been quite the week for a lot of us: health issues, family issues, hurricane Sandy. Be good to yourself and take the time. I am.

©Jane Chesebrough

Abstractions to Explore and Amuse

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I have been inspired by Darwin Wiggett, Samantha Chrysanthou, Freeman Patterson, Micheal Orton and so many of you and the people that you have listed in your blogger lists. Learning to see what is obvious and not so obvious has enriched my life and my world view. One thing affects another, one person affects another like the ripples in a pond. Thank you all and may we keep playing and sharing the journey!