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About Five Minutes

Yesterday when I was out persuing the woodpeckers I stopped at one tree where one was knocking on the trunk and was amazed at how fast he could break the surface and how deep he could make the hole in such a short space of time. This took about five minutes. This is not to show great pictures but to tell the story of boring a hole in a tree.

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Male Pileated Woodpecker

I had a good day at work today, because I let go of my resistance and allowed things to flow without the struggle. After work I sometimes go home exhausted and sleep then can’t sleep when I am supposed to. So I decided to go play, packed my camera into my car and went straight to the park immediately after work.

As soon as I got to the parking lot I heard knocking, louder than usual, and went in the general direction of the sound which came from a path that I often travel.Then the bird called and I  knew it was a piliated woodpecker. I soon saw one and got my camera ready, using more depth of field for more focus and a high ISO because it was an overcast day with light areas. I soon discovered there were a pair of these woodpeckers and joyfully followed them back and forth for an hour and a half.It was still light though not bright at 5 p.m. The days are getting longer! The birds were mostly obscurred by a lot of branches but did get some cleaner shots. It was a very satisfying walk and although I didn’t see a lot, I got a lot out of what I saw.

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