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Birding Count for Today

There are many feeders in the park and I found one today that I had never stopped at before. There were two squirrels competing with the Black-capped Chickadees and a White-breasted Nuthatch, and even a Bluejay stopped in for a visit. The squirrels would take turns running up the tree grab a nut then go back down, but one did stop to give me some cheek.The grosbeaks were at a new tree across the road, a little higher up in the branches gobbling those berries but did not appear to be drunk. I haven’t seen any woodpeckers but have heard them a couple of times.The Nature Club sent me a letter announcing the annual Christmas bird count. I always find that interesting, more so when it isn’t minus twenty-something.

Female Grosbeak doing an acrobatic move for some berries.

pictures 189-2

He is stopping for a look at me, sizing me up.pictures 072-2

White-breasted Nuthatch at a perch -they fly from far away then make very quick stopspictures 087-2

Blue jay keeping its distancepictures 093-2

Blue Jay likes to move around and hide in the branchespictures 107-2

Giving me some Cheek

pictures 136-2

Black-capped Chickadee at its perch just before going to the bird feederpictures 138-2

White-breasted Nuthatchpictures 140-2

 Male Pine Grosbeak Gorging himself on berriespictures 170-2

Recent Photos of Male and Female Pine Grosbeaks

I find it challenging to get a good composition that is sharp, and free of twigs in front of the subject. The Pine Grosbeaks are always a favourite at the parks , especially the brilliant male. He has been showing up more and lost his shyness.The females are beautiful as well but a yellow colour.

Male Pine Grosbeak


pictures 147-2

Freezing Cold and Great Birding Weather

I am so glad that I went to the park on Christmas Eve day because it was so beautiful with fresh snow and bright sunshine even though it was freezing cold. Igot some great shots of the birds at the feeders restoring their energy. I stayed a while but had to leave when I couldn’t feel my toes. When I got home my cheeks burned as if i had gotten a sunburn but it was from the cold luckily no frost bite. Last night I went to the candlelight service at my neighbourhood church. It was a great ending to a wonderful day. Here are some photos of Pine Grosbeaks, common Redpolls, Red-breasted Nuthatch and the ever-loving Black-Capped Chickadee.

Female Pine Grosbeak

A Pair of Male Pine Grosbeaks

A Feeder Full of Redpolls

Red-Breasted Nuthatch


Black-Capped Chickadee

A Few Birds, Some for the First Time

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It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny with an amazingly brilliant sparkly snow- seems we got an extra dusting last night. Went to the park downtown in the river valley and finally got a shot of the elusive (for me) male Pine Grosbeak amongst others. i had just mentioned to a fellow who had a nice shot of the male that I just couldn’t get a shot of him. Just then he flew over and the three of us were clicking away.

Pine Grosbeak

©Jane Chesebrough

While I was shooting photos of this bird, I noticed a lot of people going into the woods and I thought that they might scare the birds away. Little did I know that there was a barred owl in the bushes. But I was still happy to get a pic of this one and did get a shot of the owl.

Got the Telephoto Back

Every time that I would venture outside I would hear the birds and think that it would not be long until my lens was back from repair. It is a noisy thing especially after trying ultrasonics but it is what I have and I missed it. After recharging the battery I went to the park and found some  Downy Woodpeckers and a male Pine Grosbeak. I was shooting away when all of a sudden my camera just died. Oh no! What happened?! I turned it off for a bit, then back on. Nothing! Dismayed, I went on a considerable drive to a camera shop to see if my battery had finally reached its life cycle. The fellow told me a new one would cost ninety dollars. Ninety dollars! I said that I heard I could get them for seventy five. He said he could give it to me for seventy five since my battery had apparently died. What?! Why the  difference? I heard recently that I can get them on-line for fourty.Then he pulled my battery out and  put it back in after unsucessfully trying to test it. My camera worked again. And the battery was still full. So I went home with my wallet intact and my camera working and my battery still full.Took a couple of shots just to check. I wonder if  I overloaded it with all the focusing and refocusing on those birds? Has this happened to any of you?  I will go back and remember to take my cleats because the paths are icy. Anyway here is a photo of a male Pine Grosbeak,i think or maybe a female in breeding plumage. No marks on the breasts like I have seen on the males but I may have been fooled by the red.

©Jane Chesebrough

Birding on New Years Day

I promised myself that I would work on practising photography of birds, and that I had trouble getting a shot of pine grosbeaks the other day. So went out on the first day of the year looking for birds and had some luck. They are not perfect shots but maybe I can measure my progress this way. Found Pine Grosbeak, Bohemian Waxwings, and  White-breasted Nuthatch.Oh yes, I can’t forget Mr. Curiousity! Click on the images for a larger view. 🙂