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Kootenay Plains

i explored further than Windy Point and stopped at Preachers Point and though I took a photo with my zoom lens, i recognized the mountains that I had shot in the winter a couple of years ago. Ironicly , my friends were  coming back from Vancouver and were in this same area the same day. We may have even passed each other!

pictures 475 pictures 467 pictures 471

Here are the photos from the winter when i was here at sunrise, obviously with a wider -angle lens.



I dropped into Two-O’Clock Creek, so named because the creekbed will flood with water from the run-off from the mountains in the afternoon. I noticed there are notices on the signs to submit ticks because Alberta health want to test them for evidence of Lyme disease. This is new to me so had me worried about more than bears. Thiss campground is a beautiful spot with an energy that draws me back ever since I first discovered it. i was thrilled to find a Western Tanager here although I apologise for the lousy shot.

pictures 484

i did some walking and stopped to say hello to the campground managers. See why i like this place so much?

pictures 501-2 pictures 503-2 pictures 500-2

pictures 507-2

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The weather changed again and it FELT like snow was coming. up to then I was in a t-shirt and light jacket. The clouds rolled in and the mountains were almost covered completely. Time to go home.

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Sunrise at Preacher’s Point

Sunrise at Preacher's Point

On the second morning we got up at 6:45 a.m. had delicious coffee and muffins served by our hosts Alan and Madeleine then went to Preacher’s Point on Abraham Lake to see the sunrise. This is what I was enjoying in warm temperatures that hovered around zero celsius. This is one of the sites where I took photos of bubbles.
After shooting for a couple of hours we returned to Aurum Lodge for a brunch and a nap before setting out again.

Always remember to look behind you.This is a photo taken in the opposite direction.

Morning Light at Preacher's Point