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A Weekend of Music and Fun

I volunteered at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival recently and enjoyed seeing people from my crew again  and enjoyed listening to new artists that were previously unfamiliar to me as well as seeing some familiar ones. I came away from the experience feeling creatively and spiritually inspired. Here are some shots from the weekend.

Here’s from behind the scenes in the kitchen where food is prepared and served up to over 2,000 people per meal at the peak of the festival.

pictures 044

the food is fresh and delicious.

pictures 122-2 pictures 005-2

And outside, facing the hill.The stages all face hills in the ski club in the middle of the city..

pictures 049-2

pictures 057-2

Some of the musicians Oysterband and Mike Farris

pictures 088-2

folkfest 088-2

The light of the hoops at night.pictures 079-2

Final Act of theFirst Evening with the City in Background

pictures 071-2-2

Just checking this out for the sake of seeing the size of the photo and it will be nothing too stimulating or inspirational. I am very listless today, may be the comfort of my apartment versus going outdoors. Once outside I am fine, I just don’t like the transition. I see a new feature: spell check, that is  a good thing. As soon as I post this blog I am going outside to see my friends, furry and otherwise.

I found it. I just had to close the media page. Duh! WordPress, I owe you an apology. I have no patience and was not in the mood to learn today-just wanted to post the blog.

Jane Chesebrough

 by Jane Chesebrough




Something a Little Different

Yesterday  I could walk better, bought a pair of cleatswith feet of light rubber that stretch  right over the tops of the toes of my boots and above the heels with four studs under the ball of my  foot and two under the heels. I felt much more confident although I did slip slightly a couple of times sideways,just slightly. It was so nice to stride down the path rather than precariously  inch along. This was the first picture I got yesterday when I went out after having  lunch with friends.It is always so important for  me to get my “nature fix’ especially after a week of work. I relax more , I feel happy, it feels good to breathe the fresh air and it feels good to get some exercise. The problems of the week slough off  and I get rejuvenated and usually meet people along the way that are enjoyable to engage with because they too are out there in a relaxed state.I return home feeling grateful and ready to get back tothe other things that I like to do but may create a little more stress . Maybe this photo is a message to me to “lighten up.”

©Jane Chesebrough

I hand held the camera using a 300mm lens -no image stabilizer,just a fast shutter speed. but still a little soft.Frankly i am not too worried about that.

Such Acrobats

©Jane Chesebrough

I was excited today to find great light and after meeting someone for lunch I was rushing off to the park to see what birds were around. Optimum light doesn’t last long and I felt anxious to get going.I was taking pictures of the chickadees and my curious friend when I was blessed with the arrival of a flock of Bohemian Waxwings. I enjoy watching how agile they are and how they get their berries.At the same time I am a little overwhelmed by their speed and forget to check my exposure  when  I change direction or point-of-view. My zoom lens does not have image stabilization so like the brightness so I can take pictures at a high shutter speed and reduce blur. 

It was a beautiful day and I saw a couple of other photographers enjoying themselves as well. I want  to buy those cleats that you can fit onto your boots for walking on the ice…all this freezing rain makes it slippery  on the trails.

©Jane Chesebrough

Birding on New Years Day

I promised myself that I would work on practising photography of birds, and that I had trouble getting a shot of pine grosbeaks the other day. So went out on the first day of the year looking for birds and had some luck. They are not perfect shots but maybe I can measure my progress this way. Found Pine Grosbeak, Bohemian Waxwings, and  White-breasted Nuthatch.Oh yes, I can’t forget Mr. Curiousity! Click on the images for a larger view. 🙂

It’s a Leap Year!

I was outdoors trying to get a successful photo of some Pine Grosbeaks-the ones from the other day were dismal and I got some that were better that I will show you but  I had this little  inquisitive fellow following me for some time. Well he would come right up to me, then run away and usually be too close for a shot-he was quite the tease. When I saw this one shot I remembered it is indeed a leap year, so thought this fitting for the first day of 2012.

©Jane Chesebrough

I want to Share One Decorated House with You before Year-end-Amazing!

This house in Edmonton,Canada was decorated out of a son’s love for his mother,Maisy, who loved Christmas. Since her passing,he has kept up the tribute. It is a challenge to photograph  because there is so much but I will try to give you an idea of the immencse effort this must take as well as the load on electrical bills. There are pictures of her in different locations and even the windows are decorated.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some of my Favourite Photos from the Past Year

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I am struggling with editing but this is part of what I want to learn in the upcoming year:work on photographing birds, landscape and abstracts especially with regards to composition and exsposure. Sure enjoy all your blogs out there and comments that I give and receive. All the best for an abundant year of Peace and Joy.
Funny I came back to this theme because the photos come out bigger. I tried a couple of the other themes but even the photo blogs came out with fairly small pictures. Perhaps it is something to do with the newer computer, but whatever the reason, i prefer to get away from the computerand get outdoors and get some things done.

Christmas Past

©Jane Chesebrough

 I went on an outing to Fort Edmonton Park called Christmas Reflections. I took this photo indoors and Father Christmas was moving so he was blurred but I thought that this was appropriate as I was going to a historical site and everything was from the past so why not leave in the ghost-like image?


Season of Light

The shortest day of the year is here and now the days will get longer-yay! I am somewhat sensitive to lack of daylight. Luckily I have opportunities to get outdoors at my work. Longer days make it easier to cope  with the cold temperatures that come in January and February, though I am enjoying the warm weather that we are experiencing now. We have had a light dusting of snowfor which I am grateful-it seems to reflect the lights in a way that is pleasing. Speaking of lights, displays around the city are beautiful-somewhat aleviates the burn-out I am experiencing . To celebrate this season of light I am putting in a motion photo of what else, lights!

May your heart be warm and your soul be bright.

©Jane Chesebrough

It is Looking Like Christmas

©Jane Chesebrough

I like getting out to my favourite seasonal celebrations with my friends or alone with my camera.This was taken at a fundraiser for a children’s hospital. I deliberately shot this at a larger aperture to get a narrow depth of field and throw the background out of focus.Actually the whole thing is out of focus but I like the effect. I used a zoom lens which meant that people did not notice that I was taking a photo and were always walking in front of me.   When the crowds started to annoy me, (getting bumped was occuring more often) I decided to pack it in before totally losing my Christmas cheer, went home, turned on some quiet music and my tree lights and relaxed with an eggnog and coffee. Ah-h-h- so nice.

The view from the steps of the Legislature

©Jane Chesebrough

Like I said in my previous post, the star on the tree is really bright and “blows up”  I increased my shutter speed a bit to compensate for the brightness and get some detail while still seeing the rest of the lights.

Listening to Choirs and taking a Stroll

©Jane ChesebroughJoined a friend for a walk around the legislature grounds tonight and took some photos then went inside to listen to the choir and taste some hot chocolate. The snow is almost gone and icy and dirty so not much of a winter wonderland but the music sure makes a difference. I am putting a photo here from the other night because I have a sneaky suspicion that my battery will die before I complete the download. So here is a straight shot of the Alberta legislature then a shot from the front steps looking at the large Christmas tree-with a new star at the top.A very bright star I may add, that got me turning my shutter speed up to compensate.©Jane Chesebrough


Frozen in Motion

©Jane Chesebrough

This is another one of my “abstractions using motion. I took this at the Alberta legistrature. with all the lights and trees surrounding the central area.

The Light Fantastic

 I got a new computer(used) but had to wait to get it installed and uploaded.Although I checked my email, I missed getting online and seeing other people’s blogs. very tiring week but I did mange to get over to the legislature grounds after they turned on the lights.Did a more abstract version of the cityscape.

©Jane Chesebrough

Red Poinsettias

©Jane Chesebrough

Took this photo at the Enjoy center. It is a beautiful place, with spas, flowers, Christmas decorations, cafes,and wonderful displays. I know it is still officially fall but I think it is time to change my header. Getting out to places where there are decorations gets me in the mood to put up my decorations, so the advent candles are out, my gingerbread house that lights up and plays to the tune of “sugar plum fairy”, tree angel, coffee with eggnog…

A good Christmas gift

©Jane Chesebrough

I went out with the photo club today to a huge new complex . It was a visual feast and the owners were wonderful at giving us access to various vantage points. all these trees and poinsettas and what do I put in my blog? Socks! But aren’t they lovely?

Lights One Way or Another

I wanted to take photos of a couple of  trees on a street that were wrapped in lights but perplexed about how to  photograph them: with the street and building  signs,zoom in and eliminate some, abstract them?  So I tried a couple of approaches: which do you prefer?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dancing Trees

©Jane Chesebrough

I got to the park just before the sun was about to disappear beneath the horizon but I managed to get a few shots. There was just a slight breeze but it was bone-chilling – my glasses kept fogging up and couldn’t see a thing and my fingers were freezing and even the camera was a little slow.  I was feeling like it was minus 20.But I liked this group of trees that I shot and it seemed to me that they were dancing in the last glimmer of light before the sun set.

Once home, the local weather station reported that it was  -19 celsius but, (don’t you love this), feels like -28 celsius. Hot chocolate and flannel pajama weather.LOL

Abstractions to Explore and Amuse

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I have been inspired by Darwin Wiggett, Samantha Chrysanthou, Freeman Patterson, Micheal Orton and so many of you and the people that you have listed in your blogger lists. Learning to see what is obvious and not so obvious has enriched my life and my world view. One thing affects another, one person affects another like the ripples in a pond. Thank you all and may we keep playing and sharing the journey!

Golden Grasses

©Jane Chesebrough

This might be my last grass shot for a while, as it snowed today.It was mild so the snow melted a little, making the roads slick and driving difficult. Everyone seemed to be careful where I was but there were some roll-overs on the highway. I won’t be surprized if everyone is driving faster tomorrow, more confident-yup-in other words, driving like fools.So winter is here and new exploration ahead. But tody, I will look back at the golden glow of autumn.

 For this shot, I was beside a pond admiring the colours in the grasses and moved the camera in a slight arc.1/5 sec at f36 100 ISO 35 mm

Icy River and Grasses

©Jane Chesebrough

This is a merging of two images: a photo of an icy river and a photo of grasses.

Ice and Leaves

©Jane Chesebrough

This is an HDR Merge using two different photos: a  shot of leaves using a longer exposure and camera movement (f.8 seconds at f22 and a shot of ice circles on a river1/160,f5.6 200 ISO. Playing with these techniques that exercise my creativity and help me to see in different ways.

Double Exposure using HDR

I went with my friend to the lake near where she lives to take some photos of the ice at the water’s edge and combined a shot of the river with the shot of the birds-want to experiment with multi exposures and see what I can do. I am using HDR merge in my Corel Paint Shop Pro program to get the effect. After I took the picture of the pigeons I noticed the heart shape- thought that that was really a neat thing! I also played with different modes starting with the “sport” setting then changed to live view and Time Value then “Manual”.


©Jane Chesebrough

It was a good day with a good friend and a latte to take the chill away-doesn’t get any better than that!

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