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We Remember

Rather than observe Remembrance Day ceremonies from the warmth of my home, I wanted to show my support and faith in democracy by being there in person, not giving into any fear of being attacked. I went to the Van Vliet Centre, a huge gym on the U of A campus, that was packed with a crowd of thousands. These are the worst photos I have taken in recent times but hope they pay a small portion of the respect that I feel for the people in uniform who serve: rangers, soldiers, city police, and Royal Canadian Mounted Police, aboriginal peoples amongst others.I went to pay my respects, to remember my father who was a Sargaent Major in the tank division of the Royal Ontario regiment in the first world war, my grandfather in the first world war who came from Montreal and fought in the trenches in Ypres.and to remember the veterans of the war in Afghanistan  and the people who died in service here on home turf.It was touching to see soldiers in uniform with their small children and the two minutes of silence always touches me, as do the parades and ensuing applause. To my friends in the United States, I extend my greetings on this Veterans Day.

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