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A Pleasant Summer Walk

I notice that my walks include more bugs,  an incredible chirping  of various species of birds and lush growth of all things green. It’s beautiful. Birds have good cover in this environment and it is hard to get a clear shot. Looking forward to a trip to the mountains, leaving tomorrow.  need to finish packing and getting ready for  camping but there are a lot of bears and flooding so starting off with hostels. Will wait and see.But for today I will post from my walk through the countryside.


Eddies in the River

©Jane Chesebrough

I was walking beside the river today and saw no eagle  but I did hear a pileated woodpecker on the opposite shore. There were ducks and blue jays and magpies but what  I chose for today’s blog  was the water  making eddies, those little whirlpools as the current came close to the ice. I liked that and watched it for a while and liked the patterns in the ice. I was high up on a cliff and shot this at 300mm.Tint was added during development to bring out the texture.

©Jane Chesebrough

Must Return to this Place

Today I went to a location in the city near a water treatment station where the warm run-off attracts various birds in the winter. I had  also heard that  an eagle or even two were spotted in the area a month ago. What were my chances?

I was amazed by the presence of hundreds of mallards floating downstream then flying up the river, over and over. A friendly passerby pointed out to me that this is how they search for food. There was a lot of open water for this time of year even with the warm run-off and I took time to watch them and listen to hundreds of wing beats and swoosh as they hit the water. A couple of dogs approached me with great enthusiasm and I obliged then by throwing the sticks that they carried in their mouth…instant friendship!

After taking images of some plants, watching the ducks and watching the sky I noticed a possible raptor flying very high. I encouraged it in my mind to come closer, and it did. It took a couple of sweeps up and down the river sending the ducks in flight for their lives before it returned to higher hatmospheres. I missed getting a shot of what I recognised as a first-year Bald Eagle other than  a sloppy shot of a ghost image amongst the scattering ducks -did manage to get a long-distance  shot. My sloppy shots are included here because I was so excited and  promised myself to return to this place to face my new challenge-get closer and get more.

Icy River and Grasses

©Jane Chesebrough

This is a merging of two images: a photo of an icy river and a photo of grasses.

Blue Ice

Having some difficulty today inserting a picture into the post. I am cold today- just can’t get rid of the chill. So what am I going to put into my blog? Ice, of course! I love the colour blue and for some reason had the camera set to Tungsten.Looking forward to getting outside tomorrow and going on a shooting frenzy. I have missed taking photos while I was under the weather.

©Jane Chesebrough

City Lights and Reflections

©Jane Chesebrough

f11  1/10 shutter ISO800

It was a beautiful day and evening as well and I went out to take photos of the city from the water. I see this scene when I come down the hill in the morning on my way to work so I drove to a park this evening and walked out on a bridge to get these shots. The brightest one I used aperture priority and the others I used Shutter priority.


©Jane Chesebrough
©Jane Chesebrough

The last two are both f stop 4.5  1/20 sec ISO 800