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Viewing Wildlife


I took these photos using my 70-300mm lens and from the safety of the car, both for my sake and the sake of the animals. This is stressful for them to have people approaching them and if one person doesn’t get hurt by this, perhaps the next one will. I was floored when I pulled over to a roadside stop and there was a photographer with a 300mm lens or more lying on the ground about 15 ft from this ram and his ewes. Probably because of the example he set, a family with young children was getting out of their van to take some photos. Sure, they were eating quietly but that can change in an instant-they are wild animals.

The elk was spotted across the road and I took the photo from the safety of the car. The cows are calving now and are dangerous because if they feel threatened they will charge.

The loon was a gift because as I approached the shoreline, I inadvertently flushed a pair out from the underbrush. I managed to get three shots of the one.

Image Image