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Oh, Just a Couple More

When the ruddy duck showed up at the pond, I was clicking away, if not always focused, but getting some good shots. When you get close to a bird, or it gets close to you, it is always, “Oh, just a couple more…”

So bear with me as I continue to show off the male Ruddy Duck after he came closer.

First Ruddy Duck this Year!

As I approached the pond , there were two photographers shooting away at something. Slowing down so I would not disturb them or their subject,  I waited and watched for what they were focusing on. Oh yay, it was a Ruddy Duck! Aimed my lens and took a couple of shots-oh no, things in the way.  Aim again. Better!

Checking the results later, the first couple were out of focus. My heart dropped. Then there were some more that were in focus. It sure gives me a lift to spot and capture the  first images of this duck every year. Some of you may remember this was the duck that got me hooked on birding and I regularly went out with a friend, now passed, searching for our first look every spring.

He is a small duck but more than makes up for it with his machismo. When he got close to  the Coot, his tail rose and he sputtered, which shook his whole body. At this pond there seems to be no mate but maybe she is nesting out of sight.

Shot in the late afternoon with a hand held camera.With so many patterns it is easy for the camera to go out of focus.



pictures 056-2

pictures 055-2

That Ruddy Duck!

Finally! I found some Ruddy Ducks. I have mentioned in past blogs that it was the Ruddy Duck that first got me hooked on birding. I had a friend that shared that love with me and we would go on numerous walks together to count and observe birds. Every spring it was an unofficial contest to see which one of us would spot the first Ruddy Duck , then take the other to the site to share the findings. This is particularly special to me because my friend died as a result of complications from a car accident by a drunk driver. So I saw these ducks yesterday and said, as if she were there, “Here you go, Pauline. here’s our Ruddies.”

©Jane Chesebrough

©Jane Chesebrough