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Snow Sculptures from the Silver Skate Festival

I better post this before the day is over. As I mentioned in yesterday’s comments, the witch that I took a photo of  is Baba Yaga from Russian and Slavic folklore. She lived in a house with chicken legs. Here are some more of the snow sculptures from the silver skate  festival – I felt sad for one artist whose sculpture collapsed. The weather was always changing which did not help for the snow to pack .

I made them dark deliberately so you can see the details. These were grouped together and there were others around the park. Except for one I was remiss not to get the artist names or the titles, something to remember in the future. And I erased the ones of the column that were in focus – well that was smart of me.

What are your favourites?

Tribute to Family Day


Sow and Cub


February 18, 2013-15-2


Bee and Honeycomb






February 18, 2013-23-2










Sculpture EmergingFebruary 18, 2013-35-2


February 18, 2013-37-2



Wind Sculptures

We have had a bit of snow each day for a couple of days and with it came the wind which makes for some pretty spectacular designs. I went out for an hour and took pictures of the drifts and now am in my warm home curled up in blankets to rid myself of the chill. Hope you enjoy the moments snapped.

Picture 064-2 Picture 059-2 Picture 060-2

© Jane Chesebrough

Picture 053-2

© Jane Chesebrough

Ice on Whyte Winter Festival

Winter’s Back with a bang, it feels like a Canadian winter again.It started snowing on Saturday and the temperature dropped to -26 celsius. It’s dropping down to -30 tonight. and staying til Wednsady . ironic, by the end of the week, hopefully when it goes up to -20 we will be saying we are having a heat wave. ha, all is relative!On the weekend I attended “Ice on Whyte” an exhibition of ice and snow sculptures with guest artists from China.Ice on Whyte is partnering with the Province of Alberta to present a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the twinning of the provinces of Alberta and Heilongjiang, China, so there are exhibits at the legislature grounds as well.  There are tents with live music inside.So I enjoyed the artistry and I hope you enjoy the photos .Click on them to enlarge.


More Close-ups of Giant Icicle

I thought that it would be fun to insert a few photos then saw slideshow and thought, ‘”Sure!” That sounds like fun!” Let’s see how it works…I really enjoyed studying the intricacies of this giant icicle. Perhaps this will give a better idea of the process….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Nature’s Ice Sculpture

I went on a spiritual retreat this past weekend and a photo-savy sister alerted me to this wonderful huge icicle that had formed from the flow from the eavestrough so I went out for fresh air and to capture these images during a break. This monstrous icicle  had detached itself by the time I saw it but it still made for a great subject and I took lots of snaps at two different times: once in the darker cloudy afternoon and the second day when it was bright and  sunny with rich blue sky.

©Jane Chesebrough

Ice on Whyte

©Jane Chesebrough


Amazing sculptures of ice and snow done by teams from around the world, especially Harbin, China, our twin province. Wish they filled in those holes in the ground. I tripped into one about a foot deep and went head first to the ground.I  held my camera up to protect it but my muscles are sure sore.Definitely hard on the back and shoulders.But I enjoyed the entertainment and sculptures.

1/15 second, f4 ISO 800