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Day 2 in the Mountains

It started to snow last night and we had a thin coating of the white stuff this morning. It felt  surreal but so was the news that the NDP won a majority in the provincial election. This province has stubbornly been Progressive Conservative for over 40 years. Wow! That message was loud and clear!

Here’s the cabin I stayed in. It had a satellite TV, microwave oven, BBQ on the porch, DVD’s, flannel sheets and a cozy bed.  I indulged in popcorn, TV and reading, and lighting the fire in the wood stove, important things when you are getting away from it all. When the fire died down it got smokey. The popcorn that I popped in the microwave tasted great but it stunk. The steak I cooked was smoking too.The fire alarm went off. i worried that I would be charged extra if I made the place smelly so I turned up the electric heater and opened the windows and turned on the fans until the air cleared.

The Raven

pictures 067-2

pictures 050-2 pictures 048

 pictures 066-2 pictures 061-2

I am a city gal. I am so glad that I brought my winter coats, hat and gloves and that I have procrastinated in replacing my snow tires with all-season ones.I forgot how swiftly the weather can change in the mountains. I decided I wanted to drive up the road to Mount Baldy to get a higher view of the world. It was snowing slightly  but as I got higher the snow got heavier and the road was very slippery. I slowed down and frankly thanked God for keeping me safe as I kept going upward , looking for a space wide enough to turn around. It was pretty but no thanks, I wanted to get back down.

pictures 109-2 pictures 104-2 pictures 105-2

I got down the road safely then thought it would be interesting to see Fish Lake again, under different circumstances.

pictures 157-2 pictures 112 pictures 133-2

pictures 148-2 pictures 115-2 pictures 119-2 pictures 138-2

After exploring here, I returned to the cabin for lunch and to see if it would clear up.It did, and I drove out to Abraham Lake, to be continued in the next post.

Views of Spring

The weather changes a lot all the time here in Alberta but in spring the changes from cold to warm, warm to cold ,make for interesting photo opportunities. This is what I saw on my walk the other day, mostly a larger view. Next post will feature more intimate views.

pictures 013-2 pictures 024-2 pictures 081-2 pictures 083-2 pictures 087-2 pictures 104-2 pictures 106-2 pictures 113-2

Happy spring!

Last night while out walking, I saw two hares, almost pure white, but with brown patches, nibbling on the new sprouts of grass, aware of me but too engrossed with their meal to make a run for it.

And today, as usual, we had snow for the first day of spring which arrived here sometime after 4:oo p.m. I believe it will turn green once again – Happy Spring!

pictures 002-2pictures 001

Winter Wonderland

This is why I had to shovel the snow from my car, so I could get to work  and to my favourite places and see this Winter Wonderland.


Still Stuck

Well my car is not really STUCK. But I haven’t tried to move it either. The parking lot is a MESS from the snow that was blown by the wind into deep drifts. Someone did some shovelling  but deposited a portion of snow close to my car which will give the front of the car no space to turn as I back out. The graders plowed the alley so the windrow is one more obstacle to get past. That and the temperature. I will get the shovel out tomorrow and try to get the car on the move. Tonight the wind chill is going to feel like -40  so for now I am staying indoors, reading and staying warm. The photos show the first night of the snow, we got more the next day. Most people are out driving, some slow, some ridiculously fast and there have been hundreds of accidents.. I am sure Buffalo is having major problems but have not heard a thing on the news.

The positive side of this is the beautiful wonderland that I see when I ride the bus to work.Must take photos…

pictures 175-2

pictures 179-2 pictures 170-2 pictures 177-2

Not Dealing with the Snow too well and Oh! My Language!

It snowed last night. I drove my car a few blocks earlier today and it was “iffy” getting out of the parking lot, so walked later to visit one friend a few blocks away for fear of getting stuck and walked  to another friend’s for supper. When I got home this evening it was still snowing and I attempted to shovel “my spot” in the parking lot that usually has space for about 10 cars.The landlord dosen’t clear the parking lot and each tenant is responsible for their parking spot.The snow has been  blowing  and tends to drift behind my car, over a foot deep. Soft, dry, not heavy like in the east but too much for me..So is this “my spot”. But that spot expands to at least another car length or more of space where you can get stuck even with snow tires as you try to get out. I was ranting, angry at the landlord and tired of winter before it even started.The f-bombs were dropping along with a lot of foul language against the cheap so and so  when I noticed the neighbour’s window beside where I was working /swearing slowly slide shut.Whoops.So I am an ass.A foul-mouthed and bad-tempered one at that.

I did go out and take some photos which I did enjoy, because it is, well, so pretty.

I still have to get up early and shovel before I go to work where we will be having a “Black Friday” event, some tradition that we borrowed from the Americans.(Happy Thanksgiving) It is going to be busy and exhausting. Better get a good sleep and perhaps apologise to my neighbour tomorrow.

pictures 183-2

Welcome back, Pine Grosbeaks!

One of the reasons that I wanted to get to the park was to check for the Pine Grosbeaks. I had seen some photos posted and was excited to see them again, especially since they did not show up last year. When I got to the park I could hear, but not see them. I greeted another photographer and we went closer to the trees that had berries on them. Soon a few females came to eat the fruit in the trees , then a couple of males. it was somewhat difficult light, but I was not disappointed.

Welcome back, grosbeaks!

pictures 227-2

pictures 245-2

pictures 265-2

pictures 256-2pictures 211-2pictures 270-3

Winter Revisited

Last night while at the library the snow started again. We have had a few “flurries.” This time the weather forecast was for 10-15 cm.


Today it was not as heavy as forecast but it did cover the ground.


Some creative women from an apartment got creative and made the most of it.Image


The golfers may have to wait a little longer to “tee off ” at the golf course below.


The temperatures are erratic, going up and down , above and below freezing. It may continue for a while so just grin and bear it.

Happy Easter to those who are celebrating!

Silouettes and Sunsets

You got to love the evening light in January. I went along the river valley to shoot photos around the “golden hour”. The camera was hand held  while using shutter priority. I edited using HP Media Smart Photo, sometimes using the auto lightening feature which brought out the colour the way that I saw it but could make the photo “noisy”. The Sharpening feature works very well. A good basic editing program., alas, no noise removal.

jane 012.JPG1/160 sec @f/4, ISO 800

Fox Drive Eve

1/125 sec @f/8, ISO 800

jane 026

1/125 sec @f/4, ISO 800

January Sunset

1/50 sec @f/4, ISO 800

Going to the Dogs

January Jane 022It has been a lot warmer the last few days so it has been a pleasure to walk the dogs and watch them play. The fresh air and exercise is good for me, too. Shot at 1/200 sec @f/4.5, ISO 800 using shutter priority.

The Last of the Snow Series (because I am losing count)

It is so much warmer and I am taking advantage by going for walks outside and of course, taking the camera along with me. Here is a shot that I took on one of the trails in the last couple of days.The squirrels have been running around. There will be more photos of snow and snow shapes, I mean there is only about three months of winter left! Such a relief to have temperatures just below freezing and sometimes even above. I just hope we don’t lose all the white and turn brown and yucky and mucky.Right now the ski conditions are excellent. I decided to post a few images that I think have to do with snow even though I have veered away from the initial snow series that were about the shapes caused by drifts.









Snow Series #8 – Squirrel Art

Snow Series #9 - Squirrel Art

Squirrel Art – Is it a horse?A deer?

Snow Series #4

pictures 057-2

Snow series #3

pictures 065-2

Coping with Frigidity

Ha, that got your attention, didn’t it? This is in answer to bayphotosbydonna‘s comment about dealing with snow for a whole season. I used to say the best way to deal with winter is get outdoors and enjoy it, but that philosophy is lacking at the moment.Ironically , we had freezing rain last night and I fell in the parking lot this morning. Nothing serious but did strain my back and knee on the way down. Just going to stay home and take it easy today to be safe. I will start over and get out for a walk later and build on exercise until I am back skiing and skating. We are going into another deep freeze-I just sigh and take it one day at a time and if my attitude is really bad sometimes have to break it down into ten minute slots and work on my sense of humour.  This is an old photo from last year in  March, ” Come for  a Walk with Me.”  There are people out there jogging and riding bicycles even when it is -30. Go figure.


Snow Series – # 2


snow series # 2 – 1/60 sec @ f/7.1, ISO 200

Snow Series 1

I like snow for the most part, especially when it is wind-blown and sculpts fine lines in the landscape. I don’t always like shovelling the stuff, especially when I am lazy however I always feel invigorated after the job is done. It has so many qualities: crusty, sharp, melting, fluffy, icy,pristine, dirty.

I thought that I would like to do a series about the different ways I see snow. First is snow in the context of a larger scene. I really don’t know where I am going with this, I was going to post a bunch of images at one time but I think that I can make a stronger statement by posting a single image. How many in the series? I don’t know, but I will try to remember to label them. Here is the first.

pictures 107-4

1/80 sec @ f/7.1, ISO 200

Gazebo in the Park

I have always liked this gazebo and have taken photos of it recently for this bog. However, I was disturbed by the bright light from lamp posts that merged with the structure or straight vertical lines of the street lights, so I took a closer look and walked around , trying different points of view. I like the early evening light and the cast of the shadows across  the fresh snow. This is one image that solves the problem of the lights and vertical lines without having to resort to cloning.  1/15 sec @f/6.3, ISO 1600 Wishing you all a Happy and prosperous new year in 2014.

pictures 029-2

Celebrating the Light Displays

Now that we have had a few days of warmer weather I managed to get out to take photos of a few of the light displays around town. i did use a tripod and Shutter priority settings with exposures from 1/ 5 to 1/15 of a second. I so enjoy seeing the light displays, I hope you do too!


A Deceptively Beautiful Day

So pretty outside, but you don’t want to be there long.It is bright, sunny and the skies are so blue. But the temperatures are more suitable for January or February, minus 30 with a windchill that makes it feel like minus 41.The weather people are saying that exposed skin can get frost bitten in 10 minutes.It is still autumn.! I dressed accordingly and braved the cold to get some photos and will leave you all with these ones Enjoy, because I am staying inside with the dogs on my lap watching TV until they need to go out there to do their business-and that won’t take long. Please take time to read the paragraph at the end of the photos.


 I have one more thing to say. In this time of the passing of the great human being, Nelson Mandela, it is said his light has gone out but I pray that the light he shone will never go out but will be carried on in all of our hearts that we may all continue to  strive for peace, love and harmony. He is free and at peace – may we never forget him .

It is back – the snow on this website.

As I was reading another blogger’s post, I saw movement, then realized that the snow was falling across the pictures. I like this feature on this website and had forgotten about it until now. For me, it brings a festive quality to the season. Ha ha, I don’t have to shovel it.

I have been in bed most of the time the last few days, coughing and no energy but this feature with the snow gives me a spark although I have not been impressed with the weather outside-as the songs goes, it’s frightful.It is cold and windy but must admit it is pretty. The flakes that fell last night were like crystals and glimmered in the available light. I will post some current scenes from outdoors as soon as I am feeling better. For now here are some that I have taken recently with the last photo from a past year. Just a reminder that it can be a lot worse.

pictures 285-2

Hawrelak 106-2March 13 224

Some More from the River Valley

To be honest, I am more inclined to stay home and read a book  than go exploring outdoors. Too cold. It has been minus 25 but getting warmer today and may even go to the plus side this weekend. Here are some photos that I took last week.

river valley 050-2

river valley 145-2

river valley 045-2

river valley 125-3

Here we go – Snow Season!

It is pretty and not too cold. The only problem was I could not get into my car as the doors are frozen shut. I brushed off the windows but they were covered fairly quickly with a fine mist of snow that is coming down steadily. I was not industrious enough to hook up the hair dryer and try thawing things. The snow has accumulated and my worn tires may not handle this too well so best to stay home for now. I did get out for a brief walk and grabbed a couple of snaps and will venture out again later.Lazy, eh?The last photo is of my friend’s dog, but I think she has the right idea.





It is Inevitable-the first Snow

We didn’t get as much as estimated, but it was still a bit of a chore scraping and brushing off the car as the precipitation started as rain, then turned to snow.  The effect was like that of hoarfrost, but upon a closer look, there was a layer of ice on the trees with a topping of snow. It was not a matter of just brushing the powdery snow off the car, it was STUCK on. I was glad that I covered the front wind shield with a sun cover for I could simply peel it off. Still , it made for pretty snow scenes and a visit to friends for conversation and coffee warmed things up.

Green and White