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Situation Resolved-What I did Instead of photos

I am back on line. It was not being able to download photos that bothered me most of all so the camera was not used. The day and its events were humbly turned over to the care of my Creator, striving to keep myself out of the way.I listened to you, my readers and some people in the photo club. I called a friend and asked to borrow  his monitor first before looking at problems in the tower.  He brought his monitor over and voila! It worked! To make it even better, he told me that I could keep the monitor, as it was an extra.Whee!

In the future I will buy a new tower with more memory to get full use out of my Lightroom and Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro programs. I can’t afford it now.

During the time of withdrawal, the tools changed from camera to pencils and paper. Doodling became the art of the day.Here is a sample of a couple of them.


Once I had my computer running I thought it would be fun to add some paint strokes to a simple pattern I had drawn..


It has been an awakening how dependent we all are on our computers. I constantly heard people say, “Oh, you can google it on the net”, or “Just send me the info by e-mail.” I will continue to use the technical tools as well as continue the painting and pencil renderings. it is fun.

I didn’t worry so much about losing 10,00 photos as much as ones that I had taken recently that not been backed up. most of the favourites that are worth printing have been loaded to a thumb drive.

Tomorrow the search for work will continue plus there are a few hours of actual work. For today, I am going on a photo walk.Thank you for your kind words while I was “taking a break.”