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Still Life in Nature








Hand held for 1/60 sec at f/ 9, 300mm, ISO 800


©Jane Chesebrough

I bought this beautiful Gerbera to put under water but did not get my telephoto lens so put it in water the regular way.I look photos using a lamp and thought the effect was pleasant. I cropped it a little because it had that “pinched” look with the petals right at the edges . Shot at an aperture of  f/5.6  at a slower shutter speed and hand-held the camera. This morning I checked my calls and my lens has arrived-been a month! Immediately after work I headed to the park and will post today’s results later. For now, here’s to the promise of spring and new growth. 🙂

Staying Indoors with the Orchids


©Jane Chesebrough
Thought that I would try a black velvet backdrop and shoot some Orchids. Very interesting, I actually checked my histogram on my camera and could see where there were real bright spots so I moved the f stop down a bit and these are the best that I took. So much to learn but I am having fun with the process!

©Jane Chesebrough