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Building the Lodge

I stated in yesterday’s blog about a stroke of luck. I had stopped my car beside a pond  and was focusing on some crows to see if I could capture them in flight, when I sensed a movement beside me.The crow shots didn’t work out, but I think these ones did. I will let the pictures tell the story.

pictures 075-2 pictures 076-2 pictures 077-2 pictures 078-2 pictures 079-2

pictures 080-2

pictures 083-2

Views of Spring

The weather changes a lot all the time here in Alberta but in spring the changes from cold to warm, warm to cold ,make for interesting photo opportunities. This is what I saw on my walk the other day, mostly a larger view. Next post will feature more intimate views.

pictures 013-2 pictures 024-2 pictures 081-2 pictures 083-2 pictures 087-2 pictures 104-2 pictures 106-2 pictures 113-2

Touches of Spring- a Little Teaser

Some things that I have looked at in my journeys during the last  week when I am not focused on birds. Although this is March, when we could get big dumps of snow, there has also been signs of spring weather with high temperatures in the teens , the arrival of flocks of geese, melting snow and big puddles.

My Header and profile picture are those of the colder months but for now I am leaving them “as is” because it could go that way again before the real spring arrives. There is a sign outside of a local business, “Think Spring. Think Harder.” I get it.

pictures 004-2

pictures 079-2 pictures 022-2

Scenes from Summer

From a walk in nature the other day:

pictures 248-2 pictures 064-2 pictures 164-2 pictures 170-2 pictures 179-2 pictures 181-2

It feels like Summer

When I go to a pool and wade in the water with a young friend, it reminds me that I am living in the days of summer. Cold refreshments to keep hydrated, wading pools to explore in and find leaves,  the smell of the peonies in the garden, listening to live music by Asani. Life is Good.

pictures 090-3

pictures 063-3

pictures 066-2

Early Signs of Spring

After hearing reports from south of the border and knowing better, I set out to Hawrelak Park regardless to see if there were any new birds arriving.The ponds have been fenced-in since last fall, drained and bull-dozed to make the depth of the water deeper for the Triathlon finals in August. I am sure some geese and ducks will return but  whether they will stay, who knows. There will be the songbirds coming back too.It will be interesting to record in pictures but may have to set my sights further afield for good birding.


There is still snow to come and still lots in this park although there are definite signs of melt.


A couple of years ago the city allowed dogs in the park if they were kept on leash and stuck to the trails.Do not know that that is working very well there are a few people not observing the rules and I hope they don’t ruin it for everyone else. I had a photo but will spare you the graphic proof.

Heard the magpies, ravens, chickadees, nuthatches, waxwings and a real howl-fest from the coyotes across the river but none of the usual spring birds. I will keep on checking.

There are other early signs of spring that I took photos of, a reminder that some things never change.





Enjoy the Day!

The Pause that Refreshes

I got a kick out of the gestures made by this fellow as he savoured some water.Who knows, maybe his teeth got cold or he got “brain freeze”





all taken at 1/80 sec @f/16, ISO 200