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A Trip back to the Old Park

Hawrelak Park has been getting excavations in readiness for the World Triathlon Event in August of this year.. For a long time the lake was drained so the bulldozers could deepen the depth and you may remember that I was somewhat distressed over what would happen to the ducks and geese as there was no place for them to swim or nest.

 I went there for a visit in the early evening and was happy to see less poop so I could lie on the ground, also that a few geese thrived  and raised their offspring. I have seen hundreds less of the fowl this summer, so was happy to see them again. It was funny, as I lay on the ground and said to the geese before me that it was nice to be able to lie down, when one let it fly out its butt. Oh well.

I walked around the lake and found quite a few Canada Geese, some Mallards,Wigeons, Cedar Waxwings and murders of Crows.The geese are mostly grown up but there were a couple of young duck families and the cuteness factor was in full force.

I have been getting physio for an old back pull and been getting extreme cramps in my legs (too much sitting) but the walk on Mother Earth did me good. My Heartsong was in full melody but I did start to feel pangs of frustration and resentment at seeing the old habits displayed,, that is, of the people with their loaves of bread feeding at the side of the water, so I left while I was still feeling happy. 😉

Here is a photo of a gaggle of geese walking across the lawn, with one running to catch up. Wait for me! Wait for me!

pictures 035-2

And a mother Mallard and her  ducklings:

pictures 121-2

I was delighted to see this mother Wigeon and her brood:

pictures 115-3

There is more to come, from  a crow chattering and cawing to its mates, observations of molt and young ones  so cute it will make you laugh, smile or even say, “Aw-w-w-w…”