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Male and Female Yellow-headed Blackbirds

Their raucous call echoes across the ponds in the wetlands and they make for comedic moments as they aim for an approaching   mosquito, jump and almost fall off their perch. I find these birds beautiful so am happy to see them stay at the John E Poole Wetlands walk for the breeding season.


Too bad the one of him jumping and losing his foothold didn’t turn out but I like his concentration as the mosquito approaches. The bugs were out in full force but that fact made the birds quite busy and approachable.


The females have become brighter the last couple of days and they are ducking and posing on the rushes to get the attention of the fellows.



2 responses

  1. We had one of those here and it sent out a text message alert for all birders. I did not see it, but glad to see your bird because it really is a beauty.

    May 25, 2014 at 8:23 am

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