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Welcome to My Heartsong!

My Heartsong came out of a desire to be true to myself and sing the song of my heart,to take the time to do the things that I love to do because I came to believe that to follow this call is to do the will of the Creator and it gives me great pleasure.(when one receives a gift,one must open it). An activity that feeds my soul is photography. I share with you my photos and a little bit about them. Enjoy!
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Something that I Didn’t Expect to See in This Weather

I had been to the park shooting images of the hoarfrost -covered trees in the morning and returned in the late afternoon when the sun was quite low. I walked onto a pedestrian bridge  that crosses the river, happened to look down and there was a massive beaver. I fired off these shots quickly  as I am sure he sensed my presence and disappeared into the chilly waters. All photos were taken at 300mm 1/30 sec @ f/5.6 ISO 800

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More Female Pine Grosbeaks

it is interesting to approach the berry trees with no sight of a Pine Grosbeak, but quickly they come to the tree in twos and threes. it feels magical, how they start showing up. I only had a half-hour but took the time specifically to see and photograph the birds. In this time period I saw only the females but was able to get very close.

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Frosty Morning

it was pretty this morning  with the fog and hoar frost on the trees. I got out for a few snapshots before going to work. Can’t wait to get outdoors when I have more time. I got some photos of the female grosbeaks that I will post tomorrow. Stay warm.

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Laid-Back Caribbean Style

My Heartsong:

Paying homage to another photographer.

Originally posted on In Flow:

Etter regnfall er spillet igang igjen

"El Norte" Nuñez ved gården sin

Et vennlig smil møter man overalt


Livet i Gibara er preget av fred og ro

I have just returned from teaching a workshop in Cuba. It was some very intense and busy days – but also very satisfying. It’s not only a pleasure to teach and talk about photography, but I learn just as much as I hope the participants do. It’s too early to show any new pictures from this trip Cuba, so instead I have uploaded a couple of older pictures I have taken during previous trips to the Cuba. I hope to be able to post some new pictures from the workshop in a week’s time or so.

During the time in Cuba, I have not had any chance to connect through blogs, Facebook or other social medias. At lot can be said about this Caribbean country but internet is certainly not its strongest feature – to put in diplomatically. For this reason I have not been able to post anything on…

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Photograph what you know

My Heartsong:

One photographer whose work teaches me how to approach photography.

Originally posted on Dan Jurak's Alberta Landscape Photo Blog:

landscape, fineart, fine art, black and white, black & white, landscape, Alberta, Dan Jurak, gravel road, moody, foggy, dark, minimalist

They say that familiarity breeds contempt. Maybe it does but familiarity also offers insight.

Maybe I am too lazy to make the trip to the mountains every weekend like I did when I was in my early twenties? Maybe I am making the most of my time when I photograph what is close to me? I’ve been watching the forecast for the past few days deciding on the right time to take a trip to the mountains. I’ve got a few ideas that I am interested in trying out now that I am in this phase of trying to see things differently.

Whatever the answer I am sometimes pleasantly surprised by how the plain and ordinary can look different with some inspiration, perspiration and motivation.

In the province that I live, Alberta there are thousands upon thousands of nondescript gravel roads. These are roads that hardly anyone ever looks twice…

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We Remember

Rather than observe Remembrance Day ceremonies from the warmth of my home, I wanted to show my support and faith in democracy by being there in person, not giving into any fear of being attacked. I went to the Van Vliet Centre, a huge gym on the U of A campus, that was packed with a crowd of thousands. These are the worst photos I have taken in recent times but hope they pay a small portion of the respect that I feel for the people in uniform who serve: rangers, soldiers, city police, and Royal Canadian Mounted Police, aboriginal peoples amongst others.I went to pay my respects, to remember my father who was a Sargaent Major in the tank division of the Royal Ontario regiment in the first world war, my grandfather in the first world war who came from Montreal and fought in the trenches in Ypres.and to remember the veterans of the war in Afghanistan  and the people who died in service here on home turf.It was touching to see soldiers in uniform with their small children and the two minutes of silence always touches me, as do the parades and ensuing applause. To my friends in the United States, I extend my greetings on this Veterans Day.

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Welcome back, Pine Grosbeaks!

One of the reasons that I wanted to get to the park was to check for the Pine Grosbeaks. I had seen some photos posted and was excited to see them again, especially since they did not show up last year. When I got to the park I could hear, but not see them. I greeted another photographer and we went closer to the trees that had berries on them. Soon a few females came to eat the fruit in the trees , then a couple of males. it was somewhat difficult light, but I was not disappointed.

Welcome back, grosbeaks!

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The Difference of a Day

One day it was autumn, full of beautiful leaves, bright sun and calm reflections in the pond. Today was still “officially” fall but winter has arrived. The days have become shorter and darker and in the last  week it has dropped 40 degrees. As well, the wind picked up and it is chilly.

Having some time before work, I decided to drive to the park and take photos, the first time I have had a chance to do so in daylight.First I put on my big boots after one fool-hearty day of sticking with shoes and dressed in 2-3 layers of clothing that made it difficult to sit behind the steering wheel of my car. It was a grey day and very interesting to see the change in the light especially in the camera. You can still see the leaves on the trees.  Winter having started a month later than normal,  I am  happy that we had such a beautiful October.

Now I will look for the wonders of the colder days, starting with the pond that I took photos of a few weeks ago when the colours were at their peak.Some of the leaves are still on the trees so it adds a special effect with the dusting of snow.It is quite nice when you dress properly and enjoy the fresh air.

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Some Stolen Moments-and a “Lifer”

A “lifer” is a term used by birders for a sighting of a bird that you have never seen before. I took time after errands yesterday to visit a pond north of the city. There were a lot of geese there, some mallards and a flash of white way across the pond. A  Common Golden Eye? A Bufflehead? No, there were more markings. I took some photos of this dandy from a long way away, then walked around the circumference of the pond to try to get closer.People  walking their dogs paid a visit and there were some photos of close-up branches but I just did not have the footing to get down an incline through fairly dense under brush. Returning to the viewing site, I was delighted that the Mallards and this Hooded Merganser were coming to me, probably to be fed.

I may have seen a male Merganser before but only due to another person’s claim, not close enough to really see it for myself. I was delighted that he paid me a visit and can add him to my life list.This is one of the first shots zoomed in at 300 mm, and shot in manual mode when he was far away.

pictures 022-2

These shots are taken when he came closer. Two are cropped but mostly no adjustments other than lighting.

pictures 094-2pictures 087-2pictures 088-2pictures 089-2

Let’s look at Nature in Her various Forms

I have been working shifts and not getting out much but I am taking the time today. First I will look  back and post some shots that I like. i don’t want to take too much precious time so my apologies if I have some repeats here.

pictures 056-2

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