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Welcome to My Heartsong!

My Heartsong came out of a desire to be true to myself and sing the song of my heart,to take the time to do the things that I love to do because I came to believe that to follow this call is to do the will of the Creator and it gives me great pleasure.(when one receives a gift,one must open it). An activity that feeds my soul is photography. I share with you my photos and a little bit about them. Enjoy!


Some Glimpses of the ITU Grand Final

What an amazing day! I finally made it to the Final on the last day and saw the Age Group Standard World Championship race and the U23/Junior relays. Here are some photos from the events:

pictures 262-2

pictures 001 pictures 173-2 pictures 227-2 pictures 239-2 pictures 243-2 pictures 245-2 pictures 247-2 pictures 259-2 pictures 285-2 

No Shortage of Magpies

Here two magpies wrestling with a bone, possibly from a nearby food truck then another  flies to join them until it seems that the whole family unit is there. You can see groupings like this in every city block. The tails of the young are growing in and new feathers coming in, although the process is not complete yet as they are a little “patchy-looking.”

pictures 083-2

pictures 084pictures 087

Changing Light

It is interesting to see how much or how little, evaluative range my camera has. I am always attracted to high contrasts of light  and usually the higher light areas get blown out. I could capture more of a range if I tried HDR and got a few exposures of one scene. I will probably try that, but tonight I just wanted to capture the moment as I saw it without fiddling with settings or setting up a tripod. Leaving the feathered friends out of this group of photos as I share what else I saw.Enjoy.

pictures 086-2 pictures 002-2 pictures 004-2 pictures 005-2


pictures 037-2 pictures 006-2 pictures 018-2

Early Evening at the Pond

Except for a noisy youth group having a good time, it was very peaceful at the park. This is the calm before the storm of crowds of thousands and athletes from around the world as they compete in the World Triathlon Event. I  enjoyed the evening for what it was, ducklings and geese feeding in the pond and a few curious ring-billed gulls that came closer to check me out while I sat on a tiny patch of grass that had no droppings on it.The sun was low and rather sharp lighting that blew out some photos but some worked, too. I was reminded how much light changes as does the evaluative range of my camera as I turned from left to right. First is a female mallard, then a young American Widgeon, young mallard,young Goldeneye duck, Mallard and a young Ring-billed gull.

pictures 079-2

 pictures 010-2 pictures 016-2 pictures 020-2 pictures 042-2 pictures 053-3

A Rude Reminder

I have been busy, learning how to work again, after starting a new full-time job in retail. This is the first full-time work that I have had in a couple of years and it has been downright painful.All I have been able to do is go to work then lie down all evening because I was in so much pain and tiredness but now I am able to do a little more after hours so I  went to Hawrelak Park two nights ago when it was dusk, not a good time for taking clear photos but there were gulls and ducks and a rabbit plus the bicyclists. This is the site of the upcoming World Triathlon event so there will be plenty of opportunity to practise my panning shots.

The rude reminder that I referred to in the title is the drop in the temperature to a single digit the last couple of days.that reminds me that the hot days of summer are waning.Luckily the warm weather will return soon and hopefully we will have a warm Indian summer. There is more time to get out and take photos now that I have recovered from the initial shock on the body and I want to make the most of it.Here are photos from two nights ago that, unfortunately show the lack of speed due to low light. 

pictures 130-2 pictures 051-2 pictures 060-2 pictures 086-2


pictures 080-2

Super Moon

I saw it while I was driving home, a huge globe on the horizon, so hurried home to grab my camera. I checked my settings but not well enough, for instead of setting the camera to an ISO of 100, it was at 400. I had trouble focusing but it worked “okay” and had difficulty getting detail of the moon itself but it sure shows the glow. I stood on the river bank and shot before and after the bridge lights came on.  

What else did I forget? Ha! Much to my discomfort, mosquito repellent.Crazy settings,will try again tonight and I am open to suggestions for a good exposure on this amazing moon.

pictures 012-2

1sec,@ f/11, ISO 400 pictures 041-2


1/3 sec@f/5, ISO 800


Scenes from Summer

From a walk in nature the other day:

pictures 248-2 pictures 064-2 pictures 164-2 pictures 170-2 pictures 179-2 pictures 181-2

Colours of Summer

I started a new full-time job so was hit with exhaustion as I adjusted to being on my feet all day and to being active again. I have needed to rest and sleep  a lot during my off hours, however I am starting to get back to my much -needed respites in nature and visits with friends.Other than the sounds of construction, the buzz of mosquitoes in my ear and raucous magpies in the yard, I do feel peaceful as I observe the change in the young birds, the plants, the colour of the grasses and the reflections in the pond waters.It is so good to be outdoors again, it refreshes my body and soul.

I love to get out with my camera and am finding many things that capture my attention which I share with you here and in my next post..

pictures 160-2

pictures 084-2 pictures 123-2 pictures 130-2 pictures 145-2

Some More Cuteness

It is a pleasure to go to this city pond, one of many, and see the young ducklings.Some are Lesser Scaups, some American Widgeons, and the  Mallards.

pictures 067-2

pictures 038-2 pictures 039-2 pictures 046-2 pictures 062-2

Mother Scaup with her two balls of fluff.

A Big Swallow

No, I am not talking about a large size of bird species, I am referring to the large chunks of bread that was thrown to the birds at the park. The people were happily feeding their feathered friends but I wonder if they would have shown some restraint if they saw this one struggling with its bounty.This young Ring-billed gull got the prize but I am curious what it was thinking as it seemed uncomfortable with the morsel it caught.Bread is not good for birds, but tell that to the birds, or to the people who feed them.

pictures 090-2 pictures 096-2 pictures 094-2 pictures 095-2

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